Attendance Area Review


On January 12, 2021, the Board of Trustees directed administration to conduct an attendance area review of all schools in Parkland School Division (PSD) in order to facilitate long-term planning and the effective use of our school facilities. 

School Utilization

In order to ensure the effective and efficient use of its school facilities and to help with its long term planning it is important for the Board of Trustees to review attendance areas periodically. Currently, PSD’s schools have utilizations rates between 47% - 99%. Overall, PSD is at 78% utilization. In addition, the new school in Stony Plain and the modernization of Woodhaven school in Spruce Grove need to be considered in reviewing the attendance boundaries.

It is important that the attendance area review takes into consideration several factors including impact on students and families, facility utilization, transportation, resource stewardship and future growth.

Attendance Area Study

Administration engaged external consultants from Edmonton Public Schools, Infrastructure Planning to conduct the attendance review and to produce a report with recommendations. The report will be the first phase in the attendance review.

The second phase will consist of public engagement on the recommendations and the third phase will be a final decision by the Board and implementation. It is anticipated that implementation of any changes in attendance areas approved by the Board would take place September, 2023.

The report below outlines a number of recommendations to consider to optimize the efficient utilization of PSD facilities and student accommodation strategies that will meet the needs of PSD students for the next 10 years.

Attendance Area Review - presented January 18, 2022

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