Coming to school every day is important for the academic and social success of your children. Many parents do not realize how quickly absences add up, and that it only takes two absences each month for children to begin to struggle. In the same way you keep track of the marks your children get, monitoring school attendance and working with teachers to improve the attendance of your children is important. From Preschool to Grade 12, attending school every day matters.

If you are having trouble getting your children to school or they find it hard being at school, there are many ways that we can help remove the obstacles that are holding them back from being successful. The first step for seeking help is talking to someone at your school.

Help Kids Keep Their Attendance Up

Attendance Procedure: What You Can Expect

  1. Teachers review attendance rates of students on an ongoing basis. Parents and guardians of students whose attendance rate is 90% or less, regardless of the reason for the absences, will be contacted. Teachers will want to bring attention to the chronic absenteeism, as parents are often unaware of how the absences have accumulated. As well, teachers will want to discuss the reasons the student is missing school and try to build a plan with parents to address the concerns.

  2. Should the chronic absenteeism continue, teachers will refer the matter to their School Administration or Inclusive Education Lead. This next step will involve a second attempt to reach out to parents or guardians to revisit the reasons for absences and the plan that was discussed with the teacher. At this point, a meeting may be requested to discuss any further support that may be needed. 

  3. Again, should the matter continue to be an issue, parents will be contacted once more by administration. At this point, a meeting will be requested and a decision will be made to access any further supports or to refer the matter to the Office of the Superintendent. 

  4. Once the matter is referred to the Office of the Superintendent, in consultation with school administration, a meeting may be requested by the Division Principal responsible for Attendance. Alternatively, the matter may  be referred to an Academic Hearing and subsequently to the Attendance Board of Alberta.