School-of-Choice Transportation

Parents that choose to register their child in a school other than their designated school are required to pay an additional transportation fee. In order to do this, families must print off and submit a School of Choice form.

Transportation will be provided for students who choose to attend a school other than their designated school, provided:

  • There is space available on the bus
  • The bus does not have to be diverted from the regular approved route
  • The receiving school has the space available to accommodate the child
  • That applicable fees are paid


The following transported students will not be required to pay for cross attendance area transportation fees:

  • Students with special needs directed to a specialized program outside their designated school
  • Students enrolled in specialized programming for which provincial transportation funding is provided
  • Students attending a non-designated school, who were residing within an optional transportation area that was removed by the Board during the 2004/05 school year (this applies only to those students currently enrolled in Parkland, not their siblings who will be entering the system)

Note: Students enrolled in specialized programming, such as Maranatha, at a school other than their designated school will be required to pay the cross attendance area fees.

School-of-Choice Now Limited

Parkland School Division Administrative Procedure 304 – Attendance Areas provides guidance and limitations with respect to student enrollment.

AP 304 s.9 states:

The Superintendent or designate may declare that a school, or schools in a specific area are open or closed to school-of-choice registration based on facility utilization or resources; notably:  

9.1. Schools that are open to school-of-choice registration may have specific grades that are closed to school-of-choice due to a variety of factors, including:

9.1.1.           Classroom capacity,

9.1.2             Available resources,

9.1.3             Classroom population (i.e.  Teacher complement maximized), or

9.1.4             Facilities available.

Construction of new homes continues in Spruce Grove’s eastern and western regions. In Alberta, the Education Act ensures that resident students have priority for registration:

The Education Act 10(3) states: 

Where a board establishes an attendance area for a school, a resident student of a board who resides in the attendance area for the school must be given priority over a student who does not reside in the attendance area.

With respect to current enrollment and for the foreseeable growth in the school-catchment areas for Copperhaven School, Prescott Learning Centre, and High Park School in Stony Plain, and therefore in anticipation of increased enrollment for resident families, the Superintendent has closed school-of-choice registration, for 2022-2023, for the following schools:

  • Copperhaven School: Grades 1 through 9
  • Prescott Learning Centre: Grades 1 through 9
  • High Park School: Grades 1 through 9

The Superintendent holds the authority for school-of-choice requests; specific grades closed for school-of-choice registration by the Superintendent are, therefore, not open to appeal. 

Additional schools and school-specific-grades may be added to this list as enrollments continue. The Superintendent reserves the authority to change this list as resident-enrollments change within our schools.

For more information contact: 

Transportation Services
4603-48 Street
Stony Plain, AB T7Z 2A8
Phone:  780-963-8452