Online Registration/Verification for 2022-2023

All students from Early Education (3-4 Year Program) to Grade 12 will be able to either register (new PSD students or returning Evergreen & private school students registering for busing) or verify their existing data (returning PSD students) online, beginning February 14, 2022.

To ensure that their child receives a bus pass prior to the start of the next school year, parents are required to complete registration by 4:30pm on March 18, 2022. This deadline will facilitate the routing of buses, bus pass production and data verification before the summer break while schools are still operating.

Registration for school and/or busing in Parkland School Division is conducted exclusively online. ALL parents/guardians MUST complete a registration form or verify and/or update information on file before their student(s) can be registered for the current school year.

* Please Note: For the 2022-2023 School Year, any student not currently enrolled in a PSD School must use the New Student Registration Form to register. Please see below for a detailed explanation of what makes a "New Student" vs a "Returning Student".

Online Registration for 2021-2022

New students may still register in Parkland School Division for the balance of the 2021-2022 School Year. When registering for the remainder of 2021-2022, please remember to select "2021-2022 School Year" on the Student Info page of the form.

Register for School and/or Busing


New Students

A 'New Student' is someone who has never attended school in Parkland School Division (PSD) nor ridden on a PSD bus before. These students could be:

  • Entering Kindergarten (see the Kindergarten Registration page for more information including our date calculator to determine eligibility)
  • Entering the Early Education Program for ages 3-4 (for more information, visit the Early Education page)
  • Moving into the Stony Plain / Spruce Grove / Parkland County area
  • Attending a non-PSD school serviced by PSD’s Transportation Services (e.g. an Evergreen Catholic, Black Gold, Grande Yellowhead or area private school) and requiring bus transportation for the first time

For the 2022-2023 school year, PSD is using a new registration system. This means that all students not currently enrolled in a PSD school will have to use the New Student Registration Form to register for 2022-2023. These students could be:

  • Returning to enrol in a PSD school after having been enrolled in another non-PSD school in the interim
  • Attending a non-PSD school serviced by PSD’s Transportation Services (e.g. an Evergreen Catholic, Black Gold, Grande Yellowhead or area private school) and requiring bus transportation

Returning Students

A 'Returning Student' is someone who has attended school in Parkland School Division, or a student from another partner school division in the Regional Transportation system who has ridden on a PSD bus before.

We already have data on file for Returning PSD students from the 2021-2022 school year, but this data will have to be verified (and updated, if necessary) before these students can register for the 2022-2023 school year.

As we are implementing a new registration system for 2022-2023, returning students from Evergreen Catholic or other area private schools who wish to register for transportation will need to complete and submit a New Student Registration Form this year. Students returning to PSD in 2022-2023 after spending time enrolled at a non-PSD school will also need to use the New Student Registration Form. Once these students' information has been added to our new system, they will be able to follow the same verification process as returning PSD students in subsequent school years.

Starting February 14, 2022, returning PSD students will receive an email reminder to log into their PowerSchool Account and look for the RSVP button in the side navigation to launch the registration process. If you can't find or do not receive an email reminder, you will still be able to log in to PowerSchool and complete the verification process without one.


Important Registration Dates

  • February 14, 2022 - Registration opens.
    • Families of new PSD students and Evergreen Catholic & area private school students can follow the link to the New Student Registration form to register for school and/or busing.
    • Families of returning PSD students can log in to PowerSchool and click the RSVP button in the side navigation to complete the registration/verification process.
  • March 18, 2022 at 4:30pm - Registration deadline. 
  • May-June 2022 - Confirmation of busing requests. (Fees will be applied to Rycor accounts once the student has been assigned to a bus.)
  • June 24, 2022 - Transportation fees due.
  • Beginning of July - Bus passes and route numbers will start to be mailed to parents/guardians.
  • August 30, 2022 - First day of school.
  • September 30, 2022 - School fees due.

Important to Note

  • Remember to find your designated school before filling out a registration form: PSD students can use our School Locator; Non-PSD students must check with their school jurisdiction.
  • For new Parkland School Division students: Documents are needed to prove your student's guardianship, education, residency, age, date of birth, and citizenship. You can attach these documents to the registration form, or email them to or present them in person at your school after submitting your registration form. See below for details.
  • Submitting a completed registration form does not guarantee you a spot at your selected school or on your selected bus route. All submissions must first be reviewed before they are approved by the school and/or Transportation Services.
  • Once you submit a registration form, you will have to contact your school and/or Transportation Services to make any changes to your information.
  • Space at non-designated schools and on alternate bus routes is subject to availability - students attending their designated school and riding only on their primary bus route will get first priority.
  • If you are trying to register at a school other than the one designated for your area, you must contact both your designated school and desired school. More information on this process can be found on the Cross Attendance Area Transportation page.
  • School Fees will be assessed shortly after the start of the new school year. More information on fees and the payment process is available on the Fees page.
  • Transportation Fees will be assessed at a later date for private school students, cross attendance area students, students using alternate seat transportation and students currently ineligible for transportation grant funding. More information is available on the Bus Passes and Cross Attendance Area Fees page.
  • Early Education (3-4 Year Program) - Submitting a completed registration form does not guarantee you a spot in an EE (3-4 Year Old) classroom. All submissions must be reviewed before they are approved by Parkland School Division Early Childhood Services. Early Education classrooms are located at a number of Parkland School Division Schools, and children are placed at various schools depending on enrolment numbers.

Supporting Documentation

In addition to the above registration forms, the following documents are needed to prove guardianship, education, residency, age, date of birth, and citizenship:

  • Court documents confirming legal guardianship
  • Most recent report card or other proof of previous education
  • Utility bill or other document that includes the municipal address of the student's residence
  • Proof of Legal Name, Date of Birth and Citizenship

Documents Accepted to Prove Name, Age and Citizenship:

Canadian Citizens

  • Canadian Passport
  • Canadian birth certificate
  • Permanent resident card

Non-Canadian Citizens

  • Valid temporary resident papers for student and parents
  • Valid immigration papers for student and parents (study and work permits or visitor records accepted)

Please note: Parkland School Division serves only families who reside in the County of Parkland, the town of Stony Plain and the City of Spruce Grove. We currently have some out-of-jurisdiction students who are permitted to complete the program at their current school. No further out-of-jurisdiction students are being registered in PSD. If your family is not a resident of Parkland School Division, your resident school board is responsible for meeting your educational needs.

School-Of-Choice Now Limited

Parkland School Division Administrative Procedure 304 – Attendance Areas provides guidance and limitations with respect to student enrollment.

AP 304 s.9 states:

The Superintendent or designate may declare that a school, or schools in a specific area are open or closed to school-of-choice registration based on facility utilization or resources; notably:  

9.1. Schools that are open to school-of-choice registration may have specific grades that are closed to school-of-choice due to a variety of factors, including:

9.1.1.           Classroom capacity,

9.1.2             Available resources,

9.1.3             Classroom population (i.e.  Teacher complement maximized), or

9.1.4             Facilities available.

Construction of new homes continues in Spruce Grove’s eastern and western regions. In Alberta, the Education Act ensures that resident students have priority for registration:

The Education Act 10(3) states: 

Where a board establishes an attendance area for a school, a resident student of a board who resides in the attendance area for the school must be given priority over a student who does not reside in the attendance area.

With respect to current enrollment and for the foreseeable growth in the school-catchment areas for Copperhaven School, Prescott Learning Centre, and High Park School in Stony Plain, and therefore in anticipation of increased enrollment for resident families, the Superintendent has closed school-of-choice registration, for 2022-2023, for the following schools:

  • Copperhaven School: Grades 1 through 9
  • Prescott Learning Centre: Grades 1 through 9
  • High Park School: Grades 1 through 9

The Superintendent holds the authority for school-of-choice requests; specific grades closed for school-of-choice registration by the Superintendent are, therefore, not open to appeal. 

Additional schools and school-specific-grades may be added to this list as enrollments continue. The Superintendent reserves the authority to change this list as resident-enrollments change within our schools.