The Education Act legislates that the Board shall establish attendance areas for schools and that a board shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that a student who is a resident student attends school.

Families are required to print off and submit a School Of Choice form.

While parents are strongly encouraged to register their children in the school that is designated for their residence, it may be possible to register at a “school-of-choice.” These requests may be granted based on capacity and proper resource stewardship. 

Specific details related to procedures followed when trying to register for a School-of-choice can be found in Administrative Procedure 304: Attendance Areas.

A student is not enrolled until approved by the Principal of the School-of-Choice requested.

School-of-choice registration may only be possible IF sufficient space and resources are available. A school's population may change year to year. By legislation THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT ENROLLMENT MAY CONTINUE AFTER THE CURRENT ENROLLMENT YEAR. If a grade in a school-of-choice reaches capacity, students who do not live in the school’s attendance area may be directed back to their designated school.