Vision, Mission, Values & More

Our Vision


  • Our students possess the confidence, resilience, insight and skills required to thrive in, and positively impact, the world.

Our Mission


  • We assure supportive learning environments, meaningful experiences and healthy relationships that create opportunities to develop resilience, to gain diversity in perspectives and to achieve enduring success.

Our Ultimate Goal


  • Student Success and Well-being

Our Values


  • Learning opportunities that are purposeful, essential, relevant, authentic and responsive;
  • Excellence in achievement;
  • Trustworthy, respectful relationships; and,
  • Resilience with self-awareness.

Our Priorities

Student Wellness & Workplace Wellness

Both student wellness and workplace wellness are priorities for us.
PSD's Ultimate Goal: Student Success and Well-being highlights how important student wellness is. A healthy school approach is one that supports the health and well-being of students and the entire school community. EVERYONE plays a role in supporting student wellness. 

Healthy organisations and workplaces are at their best when they are made up of people who are healthy. Wellness is a very personal concept that can mean many things to different people, but workplace wellness is about how you feel about your work, the workplace environment, and the climate and culture within it.

Equity, Diversity & Community

Although PSDs tagline is 'Where the World Opens up', the world doesn’t open up to all members of our communities until our minds open up to all members of our communities.  A continual progression toward equity, and the promotion of anti-racism, are essential components of a caring, respectful and safe school division. All members of the PSD community are expected to demonstrate, and ensure, that a sense of belonging, for all staff, students and community members, exists in all places.

Indigenous Perspectives and Ways of Knowing

PSD is building relationships with Indigenous communities that increase understanding of their experiences, and therefore increase attendance rates, academic completion, and a sense of belonging for Indigenous students. In addition, we need to learn the history of our continent that predates colonialism - we have a responsibility to listen to the stories of the Elders and to increase our understanding beyond what we were taught in school, and to bring those perspectives into our day-to-day work and learning.

Programming and Pedagogy

Student programming and continual improvement of teaching practices continues to be a priority for PSD. The Division is proud to offer diverse programs to students because that’s how learning comes alive for them. Programs showcase the breadth of the work. The depth of our work gets recognized in our attention to pedagogy.