Accident Insurance

Blanket Student Accident Insurance

Parkland School Division annually purchases a blanket student accident insurance for all students. We also purchase a package which enhances coverage for ground ambulance service, special treatment travel and four paramedical services. This coverage is to help with expenses for student injuries that happen on school grounds or during school activities after the parents medical/dental plans have been utilized.

To make a claim under Blanket Student Accident Insurance, please use the Accident Reimbursement Plan form.

Family Accident Reimbursement Plan

The Family Accident Reimbursement Plan is ideal for supplementing costs not covered by your provincial health insurance or existing employer extended health and dental plans. Regardless of the size of your family, all eligible family members can be insured under one set monthly rate of $39.95.

The plan also includes a Critical Illness Insurance component, which pays out a lump-sum amount that you can spend however you see fit. That’s one less thing to worry about while you or someone in your family recovers from a serious illness.

Key Benefits include:

  • Accidental Insurance Benefits
  • Expense Reimbursement Benefits
  • Critical Illness Insurance Benefits

For more on additional accident insurance and critical illness insurance, or to apply, check out the Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services website.

For more information about Parkland School Division's insurance for students, contact:

Division Office
Phone: 780-963-4010