Early Childhood

Early Childhood


Parkland School Division is committed to providing high quality early childhood programming within a warm and playful environment. Our Early Education program offers a developmentally appropriate, holistic and child centred approach that is child focused, engaging and play based. Each classroom is carefully designed to be hands on, play based, and engaging to support each child’s growth and development.

Early Education

Parkland School Division recognizes the importance of early intervention for children who require a carefully designed educational program with additional supports and services. Teachers work together with families to create a Personalized Learning Plan to address a variety of identified needs including; developmental, medical, or social-emotional. Depending on the child’s area of need children may receive services from the broader Early Childhood team (e.g., Speech-Language Pathologist, Speech Language Assistant, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Educational Psychologist, and Community Support Worker) in supporting their growth and development. Our language rich environments facilitate language development for students who are registered as English Language Learners. Parents/guardians are valued team members and collaboration between the home and school is foundational to generalizing skill development across environments.


PSD uses the ‘Flight’ Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework as a guiding document in creating and implementing play based, student centered programming to facilitate age appropriate development. Children have the opportunity to interact with others and explore their interests through play. It is through play that children learn, practice, and apply new skills, thereby laying a strong foundation for later learning.

Related Assurance Elements

Element 1: Students demonstrate success
Element 2: Students demonstrate well-being
Element 6: Support systems increase success and well-being