Before and After School Care - For Contractors

Parkland School Division supports independent certified before and after school care contractors.

If you are interested in providing this service in a Parkland School Division school, please contact Parkland School Division's Facilities Department to start the application process. 

What You Need To Know

Successful applicants who wish to operate a Before and After School Care program in a Parkland School Division school will be given access (based on availability at the school and executions of a contract) to a teaching space, the school gymnasium and kitchen facilities (if applicable) to operate an accredited childcare program. The facilities will be available for operators to offer services on school instructional days, professional development days, during Teachers' Convention, Fall Break and Spring Break.

Lease rates will start at $3,300 per year and will be reviewed on an annual basis. Lease rates and access levels may differ from site to site depending on local community and school needs.

Successful contractors must provide: 

  • Proof of valid business license
  • Proof of certification (i.e. Child Development Assistant (Level 1), Child Development Worker (Level 2) and/or Child Development Supervisor (Level 3) or acceptable alternative
  • Proof of valid food handling certificate (if applicable)

For more information contact:

Parkland School Division
Facilities Services
Phone: 780-963-8427