AP 770: Medical - General Response

Health & Safety


During medical emergencies, actions by staff may be required to promote the safety and well- being of students. A staff member may be required to administer medication or emergency first aid treatment to an individual in order to preserve the life or physical well-being of the individual. This action is a natural extension of the school personnel’s duty to exercise reasonable care and skill in attending to the safety, health and comfort of students, and likewise an extension of what would be expected under the Emergency Medical Aid Act by any adult encountering another in need of emergency assistance.

Specific Administrative Procedures exist medical concerns arising from external or unknown factors:

Specific Administrative Procedures exist medical concerns arising from known factors or as related to individual care concerns:


1. In the event of a potential life-threatening situation or a very serious illness or accident, an ambulance shall be called immediately, followed by a call to the parent/guardian. 

2. The Principal shall ensure that all school staff have information regarding medical treatment response procedures in the event of an emergency or in providing for ongoing care concerns.

2.1. Staff are expected to familiarize themselves with all students in the school who have an Individual Care Plan, as per AP 780 – Medical – Individual Care Plan.

3. Where, in the judgment of an employee, it is necessary for a student to obtain the services of a medical practitioner/medical facility, the employee shall, in consultation with the Principal or designate:

3.1. Arrange for the transportation of the student, in consultation with the parent (where possible). Such transport shall be:

3.1.1.  By the parent/legal guardian of the student;

3.1.2.  In a vehicle operated by a certified ambulance service; or

3.1.3.  In a vehicle owned by the Division or an employee of the Division (preferably the Principal or Vice-Principal).

4. The Principal shall arrange for an employee’s attendance with the student at the medical facility when transportation is not provided by the parent/guardian/emergency contact.

4.1. The employee shall attend with the student until:

4.1.1.  Relieved by parent/legal guardian; or

4.1.2.  Relieved by another employee; or

4.1.3.  The student is discharged by the practitioner/facility; or

4.1.4.  Advised by a medical practitioner that there is no further need to remain, since treatment and safety of the child have been undertaken by the medical staff/institution.

5. An employee attending to medical service with a student shall, upon arrival at the practitioner/facility, advise those in authority that he/she is not the parent/legal guardian of the student.

6. Where transport occurs in a vehicle owned by an employee of the Division:

6.1.  Both the vehicle and operator are firstly insured by his/her own insurance policy and then, if required, by the Division’s insurance policy; and

6.2.  The employee will be reimbursed for mileage in accordance with rates established by the Board.

7. On those occasions where medical treatment is refused because of lack of valid consent, the employee shall:

7.1.  Defer to the opinion of the medical practitioner;

7.2.  Solicit advice from the medical practitioner as to appropriate courses of action;

7.3.  Advise his/her supervisor of the problem and the advice of the medical practitioner;

7.4.  Take such course of action as recommended by the medical practitioner and approved by his/her supervisor; and

7.5.  Under no circumstances shall employees give consent to medical treatment.

8. A written report shall be completed in every situation involving a student (illness or accident) who requires medical assistance at a medical facility.

8.1. The original student injury report shall be retained at the school with a copy forwarded to Corporate Supports and Services.




Date Approved: February 5, 2020

Reference: Education Act: 31, 32, 33, 35.1, 196-197, 222

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: January, 2020

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.