AP 778: Medical - Communicable Diseases

Health & Safety


The Superintendent demonstrates a commitment to the compassionate and responsible treatment of individuals with communicable diseases and recognizes that the Medical Officer of Health holds the sole responsibility for identifying risk. When such a situation is identified by the Medical Officer of Health, the Superintendent or designate shall work with the student or staff member to determine an appropriate course of action.


a)  Communicable Disease: Shall refer to a provincially identified disease, of potential concern to the educational context, that is spread from one person to another through a variety of ways that include: contact with blood and bodily fluids; breathing in an airborne virus; or by being bitten by an insect.

b)  Medical Officer of Health: Shall refer to a provincially designated individual who has the responsibility to focus on the health of the population, report the health status of the population, control and manage infectious and communicable diseases, give direction to Environmental Public Health (EPH) service programs, and to chronic disease and injury prevention.


1. A staff member shall inform the Principal when that staff member receives information that a student has a communicable or notifiable disease; or

2. When a staff member has a communicable or notifiable disease, the staff member is required to report that condition to the Medical Officer of Health and to the Superintendent.

3. The Principal or designate shall contact the public health nurse and advise the Superintendent or designate of the public health recommendation.

4. Any information about a communicable or notifiable disease must be kept in the strictest of confidence and, therefore, only those who are deemed to require such information shall be informed.

5. Students shall be allowed to attend school as long as they do not present further risks to themselves or risks to others at the school.

6. A student shall be provided alternative instruction when, in the opinion of a physician, the physical condition or behaviour of a student poses a health risk.

7. A staff member may be provided alternate employment responsibilities with the Division when, in the opinion of a physician, the physical condition of the staff member poses a health risk and provided they are well enough to continue to perform assigned duties.




Date Approved: February 5, 2020

Reference: Education Act: 31, 32, 33, 35.1, 196- 197, 222
Alberta Health Services: Medical Officer of Health
Emergency Medical Aid Act (E-7 RSA 2000)
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
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Personal Information Protection Act
Public Health Act
Communicable Diseases Regulation (238/1985)
Ministerial Directive 4.1.1 – HIV/AIDS in Educational Settings

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: January, 2020

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.