Technology Services

About Technology Services

Students today are growing up in a digital world and have become technology savvy, constantly using technology in their everyday lives. To engage these digital citizens in learning, teachers are integrating technology more and more into the classroom which enhances their teaching and leads to greater learning success for students.

Technology Services supports and maintains:

  • Administrative and instructional systems (hardware and software)
  • Core network infrastructure (wired and wireless)
  • High speed fiber network connecting all schools as well as high speed Internet
  • Up-to-date technology tools to assist teaching/learning such as projectors, interactive whiteboards, videoconferencing, laptop carts for mobile labs, speaker systems and digital document cameras just to name a few.
  • Portal website where staff and students can collaborate on learning anytime, anywhere.

Technology is forever changing… sifting through it all to find what is both meaningful and helpful for instruction and learning can be challenging. Working together with all departments and educators, Technology Services is committed to supporting the needs of Parkland School Division, ultimately creating 21st century learning environments for enduring success.

Technology and Network Status

Before reporting a problem with your building's Internet or phone service to the Technology Services Help Desk, please check below to see if the problem has already been identified. If the problem is listed here, Technology Services is aware of and working on it, so creating a Help Desk ticket is not necessary: those affected will be notified via email when the problem has been resolved.

Optimization Review

Parkland School Division, in collaboration with IBM Canada K12 Education, is conducting an Information Technology Optimization and Organization Review. This initiative is a crucial step towards enhancing the use of technology within PSD. A confidential survey will contribute to an overarching report that reflects diverse perspectives from across the division. The insights gained from this review will play a pivotal role in informing decisions to advance the delivery of Technology Services in PSD. Ultimately, this endeavor aims to positively impact our daily operations and teaching practices, benefiting our entire educational community.

PSD Help Centre

You may be able to find the information you are looking for by checking out the Solutions Hub at the PSD Help Centre Google Site. Check out the one-stop shop for tutorials and resources on a variety of topics like Google, PowerSchool, Hardware, Software, VOIP phones and more.