Election 2021

Parkland School Division School Board Trustee Elections will be held on Monday, October 18, 2021.

Parkland School Division has partnered with Parkland County to conduct the 2021 election. Parkland County’s Elections webpage provides information, links to election forms and documents and updates for candidates. 

Become a Trustee

Alberta school boards help shape the future of local communities by governing the education of young people. The provincial government, through the Minister of Education, grants school boards the authority to make decisions regarding the direction and quality of local public education. Accountability to the public is entrenched through the election of local school board trustees every four years.

Trustee Responsibilities

The key responsibility for trustees is to stay in touch with community stakeholders so that they understand and reflect in their decision-making, what all citizens value and want from their local public schools. It’s important to note that trustees do not represent any one school, neighbourhood or community. Rather, they make decisions based on the needs of the entire jurisdiction.

As elected officials, trustees have many responsibilities, including:

  • Setting school jurisdiction goals that ensure students have the knowledge and skills that enable them to be better prepared for life;
  • Planning school jurisdiction priorities based on provincial curriculum requirements, community input, available resources and best practices in education;
  • Reviewing and approving an annual budget for the school jurisdiction based on curriculum requirements and strategic priorities;
  • Developing policies to guide school jurisdiction administration and employees toward division goals;
  • Ensuring residents of the school jurisdiction are regularly informed about the work and achievements of the school division;
  • Advocating on behalf of the school community to decision-makers and stakeholders on important issues that affect education, and to ensure education is a top public priority;
  • Ensuring regular opportunities for public input and access; and
  • Evaluating the school jurisdiction’s chief executive officer - the superintendent of schools.

Prospective candidates for Trustee should familiarize themselves with PSD Board Policies and the information provided in the PSD 2021 School Board Election Handbook.

Nomination Day

For all wards of Parkland School Division in Parkland County, the City of Spruce Grove and the Town of Stony Plain, Nomination Day is Monday, September 20, 2021.

The nomination period runs from January 1, 2021 through to noon on Nomination Day. Candidates wishing to submit their completed nomination package prior to Nomination Day will contact the Returning Officer by calling 780-999-0869 or emailing eva.beyer@parklandcounty.com to make an appointment.

On Nomination Day, papers will be received by the Returning Officer between 10am and noon on Monday, September 20, 2021 in the Parkland County Administration Building (53109A Hwy 779, Parkland County, Alberta T7Z 1R1).

Nomination papers may be handed in by any person: 

At any time after noon on nomination day, nomination papers may be examined by an elector during regular business hours and in the presence of the Returning Officer. Every nomination must be accompanied by a deposit of $100.00. Cash, bank drafts and money orders are acceptable forms of payment; as per Ministerial Order MSD103-20, credit and debit card payments will also be accepted for the duration of the 2021 election year. Personal cheques will not be accepted.

Qualification of Candidates

To be nominated as a candidate in the school board election under the Local Authorities Election Act, a person must be eligible under sections 21 and 47 of the Local Authorities Election Act and sections 4(4) and 74 of the Education Act (if applicable) to be elected to the office, and not otherwise disqualified under section 22 or 23 of the Local Authorities Election Act.


Candidates for Trustee

Click on a candidate's name to visit their provided campaign website or social media page.




Ward 1


Ward 2

Parkland Village
Muir Lake

  • Lorraine Stewart
    Phone: 780-886-2472

Ward 3


Ward 4

Town of Stony Plain

Ward 5

City of Spruce Grove

Please note:

  • Three (3) candidates will be elected as trustees to represent Ward 5; one (1) candidate will be elected in each of the other wards.
  • Links in the above chart have been provided by the candidates. If a candidate's name is not linked to their website or social media page, no link was provided.

Electoral Wards

a map of the electoral wards in Parkland School Division
click to download PDF

The five wards are outlined in the map. (Click on the map to view download a larger PDF.)


Voting Information

For the most complete and up-to-date voting information, please refer to your municipality's website using one of the buttons below:

Voting Requirements

In accordance with Section 47 of the Local Authorities Election Act, a person must:

  1. be a least 18 years old,
  2. be a Canadian citizen, and
  3. have resided in Alberta for the 6 consecutive months immediately preceding election day and the person’s place of residence is located in the area on election day.

In accordance with Section 74 of the Education Act, where a separate school district is established: 

  • An individual residing within the boundaries of the separate school district is a resident of the separate school division if the individual declares that the individual is of the same faith as those who established the separate school district, whether Protestant or Roman Catholic. 
  • Notwithstanding the Local Authorities Election Act, a resident of a separate school division is eligible to vote for a trustee of the board of either the public school division or the separate school division in which the person’s residence is located, but not both. 

Advance Vote

Advance voting for each municipality will be held at the following times and locations.

Parkland County Advance Voting

Parkland County Centre (53109A Highway 779, Parkland County)

  • Thursday, October 7 - 4-8pm
  • Friday, October 8 - 12-5pm
  • Tuesday, October 12 - 12-5pm
  • Thursday, October 14 - 4-8pm
  • Saturday, October 16 - 10-4pm

Spruce Grove Advance Voting

Spruce Grove will follow the same advance voting schedule as Parkland County (listed above). Location(s) for Spruce Grove advance voting have yet to be determined. Please refer to the Spruce Grove Election 2021 site for up-to-date information on advance voting as it becomes available.

Stony Plain Advance Voting

Senior Citizens' Drop-In Centre (5018-51 Avenue, Stony Plain)

  • Thursday, October 7 - 4-8pm
  • Friday, October 8 - 12-5pm

Heritage Park (5100-41 Avenue, Stony Plain)

  • Tuesday, October 12 - 12-5pm
  • Thursday, October 14 - 4-8pm
  • Saturday, October 16 - 10-4pm

Special Ballot (Mail-In Voting)

Voters who are unable to vote at their designated advance vote or Election Day voting station because of a physical disability or absence from the jurisdiction, may apply to vote by special (mail-in) ballot, starting on August 3, 2021.

The process for requesting a special ballot differs slightly depending on your municipality:

Parkland County

Parkland County residents are asked to contact their Returning Officer by email (eva.beyer@parklandcounty.com) or phone (780-999-0869) for details on how to request a special ballot.

Spruce Grove

Voters can request a package by completing the Request for Special Ballot Package and submitting to the Returning Officer:

The packages will be mailed to voters late in September, after the close of nomination period on September 20. Once voters receive the package, it will be up to them to ensure it is returned to the City by October 18.

Complete information can be found on the Spruce Grove Election 2021 site.

Stony Plain

To receive a Special Ballot package, Stony Plain residents are asked to apply in-person at Town Hall, by phone at 780-963-2151, or by email through legislative@stonyplain.com.

Election Day & Voting Stations

Election day is Monday, October 18, 2021.


Polls Open

Where to Vote*

Parkland County


Designated voting station for your division

City of Spruce Grove


Any voting station

Town of Stony Plain


Any voting station

*A list of voting stations will be made available on each municipality's website. Parkland County will be creating an app that will help voters find their designated voting station.

Contact the Returning Officer

For more information regarding the nomination and election process, please contact:

Eva Beyer
Returning Officer for Parkland School Division
53109A HWY 779
Parkland County, AB  T7Z 1R1
Phone: 780-999-0869
Email: eva.beyer@parklandcounty.com