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October 15, 2023 - At Parkland School Division, student safety is our top priority. We operate one of the largest student transportation systems in the province and are responsible for safely busing more than 7,000 student riders, who collectively travel over 19,000 kilometres each school day. If you add up how far we go in a school year, it would be like going to the moon and back four and a half times!

School Bus Safety Week is October 16 to 20, 2023, and Transportation Services encourages everyone to focus on student rider and bus safety by following the below tips.

School Bus Safety Tips

Stop! In the Name of Love.

  • Staying alert and engaged on the road and making sure you stop for school buses and at all crossings helps to keep the ones we love safe.

Don’t Pass When Red Lights Flashing

  • When school buses display red flashing lights the law requires motorists in all directions to stop. Did you know that all PSD-contracted buses are equipped with exterior video cameras that can provide law enforcement with the footage? The authorities may use this footage to issue you a ticket, which could carry a fine of $500 or more, take six demerit points off your driver’s licence and even impact your auto insurance premium.

Leave Your Phone Alone

  • Don’t let a text or call be the cause of you injuring a child. Driving requires full attention—a life may depend on it. 

Look For Strobe Lights

  • Roof-mounted strobe lights are turned on whenever a PSD-contracted bus is in service. This improves the visual presence of school buses, both when driving and when stopped to load or unload riders.

Plan Ahead and Don’t Rush

  • We ask all motorists to plan their travel and allow themselves enough time for their trip, so they are not rushing and being unsafe on the roads. This is especially important as the winter months approach.

Thank Your Bus Driver

  • Professional school bus drivers embrace tremendous responsibility to ensure student rider safety. Please take a moment to thank your driver for the important work they do. The best gift you can give them is being alert and safe on the roads!

For more information, please contact:
Transportation Services
Phone: 780-963-8452

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