Upgrade announced for Tomahawk School gymnasium

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Wednesday, February 28, 2024: A rural community is getting a big upgrade to its school.

Tomahawk School students and the surrounding community will soon be able to utilize a new, modernized gymnasium. The project, which has been on the Parkland School Division Three-Year Capital Plan for a number of years, is moving forward this summer with a modernization.

Lorraine Stewart, Board Chair of Parkland School Division, says this investment has been on the horizon for some time and she is glad to see it come to fruition.

“This investment will not only improve the facilities for students and teachers but will also provide more recreational opportunities for the community,” according to Stewart. “Education is a fundamental part of community, and this investment in the western section of the division will have an enormous impact on enhancing the Rural Advantage by providing educational and athletic opportunities in and around the area.”

The upgrade will be done over three to four months, according to Serge LaBrie, Director of Facilities for PSD.

“The upgrade to the gym will entail removing the existing stage area, increasing the size of the usable gym floor from 200 square meters to 300 square meters and replacing all sports equipment fixtures (basketball hoops, volleyball and badminton standards),” LaBrie said.

The upgrade will also replace the entire wood floor, paint standard line and stain standard areas. There will also be a new ceiling, lighting and paint throughout the facility and one storage room added.

Fran Bell, principal of Tomahawk School, says the school is overjoyed at the news of the renovation.

“We are extremely grateful to Parkland School Division and the Board of Trustees for choosing to invest in our small school. Tomahawk students have used every inch of our small gym on a daily basis. However, lacking a regulation size gym was certainly a challenge,” Bell said. “This upcoming gym renovation is a big encouragement to our staff, students, and families for the future of our sports teams but also for the future growth of our school.”

Current enrolment projections show the school has a stable student population and with the closure of Seba Beach school, there is an immediate need to expand the capacity of the Tomahawk School gym.

Maria Androschuk, chair of the Tomahawk School Council, says the group is thrilled to hear about the upgrade.

“Over the past few years many of our school staff, parents, and other community members have put a lot of extra effort into growing our school sports teams,” Androschuk said. “Now we will have a full-size gym where we can properly practice and more importantly, host games.”

The extra space will have a huge impact on what the school would be able to offer its current and future students.

The project, which would start and be completed this summer.

For more information contact:

Parkland School Division
Phone: 780-963-4010
Email: divisionoffice@psd.ca

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