Trustees Advocate for Replacement Spruce Grove Composite High School

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June 10, 2024 - Parkland School Division’s (PSD) Board of Trustees are steadfast in their efforts to advocate for the replacement of Spruce Grove Composite High School (SGCHS). In a recent development, Alberta Education has responded to the Trustees’ letter concerning the Horizon Stage community theatre and the overall SGCHS replacement project.

In the latest correspondence, Alberta Education reassured PSD that the project remains a priority but shed some light on the delays as to why construction funding was not approved in Budget 2024. Specifically, Alberta Education is seeking an explanation of how the joint ownership of the theatre space and the provisions of the 1989 agreement—regarding the governance of land and structures on the school site—will be managed between PSD and the City of Spruce Grove. Therefore, at the latest Regular Board meeting for PSD, the Board directed PSD administration to enter into negotiations with the City of Spruce Grove to resolve the barriers to construction of Spruce Grove Composite High School as outlined in the letter of April 9th 2024 from the Minister of Education. 

“PSD’s priority is to build a replacement school, with a larger capacity, as soon as possible,” stated  Board Chair, Lorraine Stewart.

“We are aware that the limited funds available for the build will include a drama space, but not a performance theatre to the caliber that the city and community might desire. Such an enhancement would require additional funding sources outside of the build budget and where would PSD get the funding from? We wish to work together with the city to preserve the performing arts space, but cannot include it in the cost of the replacement school.”

To keep the community informed and engaged, a new section has been launched on the SGCHS website dedicated to the replacement school project. This new page will provide regular updates and important information about the progress of the project. Parents, students, and community members can access the latest developments and find answers to their questions by visiting SGCHS Replacement School Project.

Stay tuned to the new webpage for all the latest news and updates as we continue to work towards a new and improved SGCHS. 

For more information, contact:

Phone: 780-963-4010

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