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Parkland School Division offers Summer School for current and incoming high school students at Connections For Learning. Students over the age of 18 are also welcome to register, and select courses are open to students who have completed Grade 7.

Summer School is not only a convenient way to upgrade your marks—it’s also a great opportunity to get a head start on the new school year, freeing up your future schedule for courses you didn’t think you’d have time to take.

Take one of our wide range of available courses, and:

  • Upgrade your marks
  • Make room in your high school schedule for courses that previously wouldn't fit
  • Choose a course delivery method that suits your learning style
  • Explore exciting career opportunities
  • Earn high school credits—even on the job or at summer camp!

Registration for Summer School opens on Monday, April 3, 2023, and will remain open until Friday, June 23, 2023. Please view the Summer School Registration and Fees pages for more information.

For a detailed list of the courses on offer and their prerequisites, check out the Summer School Courses page.

Schedule & Calendar

Summer School 2023 will run from Tuesday, July 4 until Wednesday, July 19 using the following schedule:

Monday-Friday: 8:30am-3:30pm
Saturdays: 8:30am-noon

Please see our school calendar for specific Summer School dates.

All non-Diploma Summer School courses must be completed by noon on Wednesday, July 19 (this is also the last day to write final exams). Diploma courses must be completed by noon on Thursday, July 27 and Diploma exams are scheduled in August.

Important Dates for 2023

The following dates apply to most Summer School courses, with a few exceptions. Teachers will communicate specific details and timelines for each course.

  • April 3 - Summer School registration opens
  • June 5 (or earlier) - Teachers send out an introductory email with course information
  • June 23 - Summer School registration closes
  • July 4 - First day of Summer School
  • July 11 - Halfway point (Non-Diploma coursework should be at least 50% complete)
  • July 19 - Last day of Summer School; all assignments and exams for non-Diploma courses due at noon
  • July 19 - Diploma coursework should be 80% complete and handed in by noon
  • July 27 - All assignments for Diploma courses due at noon
  • August 1 - English Diploma Exam Part A (9am)
  • August 2 - Social Studies Diploma Exam Part A (9am)
  • August 3 - Mathematics Diploma Exam (9am)
  • August 4 - English Diploma Exam Part B (9am)
  • August 8 - Social Studies Diploma Exam Part B (9am)
  • August 9 - Chemistry (9am) and Biology (1pm) Diploma Exams
  • August 10 - Physics (9am) and Science (1pm) Diploma Exams

Please note: All Diploma Exams will be administered at Spruce Grove Outreach.


Most Summer School courses will be taught at Spruce Grove Outreach and Connections For Learning. Courses that require specialized equipment or spaces will be based at Memorial Composite High School or Spruce Grove Composite High School. The location of our Adventure Camp will be determined soon.

Drop off and pick up of course materials will occur at Spruce Grove Outreach, and all Diploma Exams will be administered there as well.

Spruce Grove Locations

Stony Plain Locations

Course Delivery Methods

Most CFL Summer School courses are delivered in one of these three ways. In some instances, students may have the ability to choose the course delivery method that best suits their learning style. Please refer to the legend on each Summer School course page to see the available course delivery methods.

In-Person (Synchronous or Asynchronous) 

All students are welcome to work in person at either Summer School site. In most core courses, students work in either Virtual Learning or print modular and are working at their own pace. Students are not required to work in person; however, if students choose to do so they have easy access to their teachers for support. 

Some courses are only delivered in person where attendance is mandatory. This is most applicable to Physical Education, CTS courses, and Math 15-5. Visit the Courses section for more details about specific courses.

Virtual Learning (Asynchronous)

Students can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule using CFL's online platform. 

Students who choose the Virtual Learning course delivery format will still be able to access a designated in-person work site should they need teacher support and/or a quiet place to work.

Print Modular (Asynchronous)

Students who prefer to work on their own may opt to complete course modules in print format. Course materials can be picked up at the start of Summer School and returned upon completion (by the July 19 deadline).

Students who choose the Print Modular course delivery format will still be able to access a designated in-person work site should they need teacher support and/or a quiet place to work.

Important to Note:

  • Summer School courses are fast-paced: every day of Summer School instruction is equivalent to one week of a high school semester program.
  • Full attendance is required for synchronous classroom courses and no provisions will be made for late starts or early releases.
  • Some courses require final exams. Diploma exams are scheduled for the dates listed in the Important Dates for 2023 section above. Students writing non-Diploma exams will coordinate an exam time with their teacher.
  • CFL reserves the right to cancel any class for which the minimum enrolment is NOT reached.

For more information contact:
Connections For Learning
Phone: 780-963-0507

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