PSD Update on K-6 Draft Curriculum Pilot


On March 29, 2021 the Government of Alberta launched a new draft K-6 curriculum and invited teachers and schools to participate in piloting that curriculum in the fall of 2021. PSD staff took time to review what that might mean for our division.  Our classroom teachers and curriculum experts returned from Spring Break to launch the process of an in-depth review of the curriculum, including all subject areas and grades included in the draft. Included in that review was a consideration of the impacts the pandemic has, and continues to have on our school communities.

Parkland School Division remains committed to doing what is best for all our students and appreciates the feedback parents and other stakeholders have provided to us thus far. Regardless of the draft curriculum content, scope and sequence, Parkland School Division has made the decision not to pilot the draft curriculum in September 2021. It simply is not in the best interest of our families and staff who continue to face the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Consistency in educational delivery has been challenging to say the least during these past 13 months as families, either by choice or by necessity, transition from online learning to in-school classes. With variant COVID cases increasing and transmission amongst school-aged children also on the rise, we anticipate that families, staff and students will continue to require flexibility come fall. Those are not conditions suitable for piloting a draft curriculum. Asking our staff to commit to the preparation and the additional, ongoing time commitment that comes with a pilot would also be a lot to ask after the calendar year they have all endured.

PSD remains committed to working with Alberta Education to the greatest extent possible, outside of the pilot, to provide feedback on the scope, sequence, content, and resources for this draft curriculum.  We believe strongly in providing input on such an important topic and we will work with our teachers and colleagues across the province in reviewing, providing feedback, and preparing for the finalized K-6 curriculum launch planned for 2022-2023.  

In the meantime, stakeholders who wish to provide input on the draft curriculum directly to Alberta Education, can do so by completing the survey here.

Shauna Boyce, Superintendent
Parkland School Division


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