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October 26, 2023 -

Parkland School Division is committed to growth and learning. We are also committed to engaging with our community on behalf of the students we serve. We strive for parents/guardians and various stakeholders to be involved in order to create a more wholesome education planning process. That eventually develops a Division and our individual schools' education plans. Think of 'Share A Thought' as a 'How are we doing?' check-in. 

Click on the following link to complete the brief survey:

Get Involved

The survey will give you a chance to submit a response anonymously OR you may also provide your contact information should you wish to be invited to one of our upcoming 'in-person' engagement opportunities.

For more on education planning in Parkland School Division, visit the Education Plan section of our website.

For more information contact:

Scott M. Johnston
Associate Superintendent
Phone: 780-963-8471

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