Nutrition in Parkland School Division


Parkland School Division believes that healthy students are better learners. We use a comprehensive school health approach to foster student and staff well-being. For this reason, we are proud to partner with national and provincial stakeholders to ensure that we make safe, healthy foods the easy choice in our schools.

Through the Wellness Initiative, our schools have received funding support for nutritious foods, nutrition education and equipment.

Here are some of this year's highlights to date: 

Alberta School Nutrition Program

The Alberta Government school nutrition program helps approximately 40,000 students in participating schools get a daily nutritious meal that follows the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth.

The program has provided $141,000 in funding directly to Parkland School Division to continue to stock our Nutrition Nook Healthy Fridges with the help of our community partners.

This government nutrition program also aims to help participants learn more about:

  • The importance of reading food labels
  • Choice and preparation of healthy foods
  • Accessing Alberta's food resources

Participating school authorities must also include a nutrition education component as part of their program.

Breakfast Club of Canada

The Breakfast Club of Canada has awarded Stony Plain Central and Wabamun Schools supplies, subsidies and equipment for a daily breakfast program that builds community.

To help address needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Club has provided Parkland School Division with an additional $33,000 to fund emergency food hampers (created in partnership with the Parkland and Area Regional Food Bank) for all schools that require them.

President's Choice Children's Charity 

The President's Choice Children's Charity believes access to good food and food education provides an essential foundation for children, so that they can learn and grow, improve their well-being and make positive contributions to the world around them, both now and in the future. 

This year, President's Choice has awarded approximately $23,000 total to Connections for Learning, Copperhaven School, Prescott Learning Centre and Stony Plain Central School. These school nutrition grants will be used to purchase food and consumable supplies, and to supplement existing meal programs.

Help for Families in Need

If your family is experiencing a food scarcity challenge, please contact our community partners for assistance.

For more information about the Parkland School Division Wellness Initiative, contact:
Felicia Ochs
Parkland School Division Wellness Coordinator
Phone: 780-690-2835

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