Earth Day 2023: Invest in Our Planet

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Earth Day, or Jour de la Terre for our French Immersion students and families, is a global annual event occurring on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection, sustainability and stewardship. The event’s goal is to encourage climate action across the globe.

Canada has recognized Earth Day since 1980 and stands among the many nations around the world that continue to celebrate it as a day of global awareness and action.

The theme for Earth Day 2023 is Invest in Our Planet, which highlights the importance of dedicating our time, resources and energy to solving climate change and other environmental issues. In advance of April 22, schools across Parkland School Division will recognize Earth Day through various creative and educational activities. We encourage families to find ways to celebrate the event at home or out in the community.

How to get involved on Earth Day

Protecting or saving the earth can be an overwhelming idea, but how we take action does not need to be. You are probably already doing more than you think.

Actions and tips:

  • Turn off the lights when not in use. 
  • Buy glass or paper products instead of plastic.
  • Switch to online billing for all of your services.
  • Plant some flowers.
  • Try your hand at kitchen composting.
  • Take a quiz (sustainable fashion, clean energy, environmental literacy).
  • Calculate your foodprint (how much your food choices impact the planet).
  • Share your Earth Day ideas, tips, stories and photos on social media to help others and boost awareness (suggested hashtags: #EarthDay,#InvestInOurPlanet, #EarthDayEveryDay).

For more ideas, read through 52 Ways to Invest in Our Planet or how to celebrate Earth Day at Home.

More Information

For more information about Earth Day 2023, visit or

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