8.3: Appendix 8.3: Benefit Plan Advisory Committee Terms of Reference


1. Purpose:

1.1.The purpose of the Benefit Plan Advisory Committee is to review the Board’s group benefit insurance plans and other employee benefit plans.

2. Powers and Duties:

2.1. The committee will review benefit plan’s utilization, experience reports and renewal packages.

2.2. The committee has the authority to:

2.2.1. Approve minor changes to coverage provided by each benefit insurance policy or plan (providing there is no increase in premiums).

2.3. The Superintendent or designate has the authority to renew group insurance policies.

2.4. The Board will be the policyholder of the various benefit insurance policies.

2.5. The Board will appoint an independent benefits consultant to administer and provide information on the group insurance plans to the committee.

2.6. The Division will be responsible for the nominal operating expenditures incurred by the committee.

3. Membership:

3.1. The committee shall be made up of six (6) voting members and three (3) non-voting members.

3.2. Voting Membership:

3.2.1. One (1) trustee as appointed by the Board;

3.2.2. Two (2) representatives appointed by Central Alberta Association of Municipal and School Employees (CAAMSE) Local #1;

3.2.3. Two (2) representatives appointed by International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local #955; and

3.2.4. One (1) representative appointed by Parkland School Division (PSD) Non-Union Group (NUG).

3.3. Non-voting membership shall be appointed by the Superintendent:

3.3.1. Three (3) members to facilitate committee operations; and

3.3.2. One (1) Recording Secretary.

3.4. CAAMSE, IUOE and NUG staff will appoint members to this committee for two (2) year terms, and alternate replacement(s) of their representative(s). These appointments are to be managed in a manner that maintains consistency on the committee.

3.5. The Board, at each annual organizational meeting, shall appoint one (1) member to this committee.

3.6. November 1st of each year will be the yearly start date for each representative.

4. Meetings:

4.1.Meetings, as required, may be called by the committee Chair or the Superintendent or designate. Notice of and all meeting agendas will be sent to each member prior to each meeting by the Superintendent or designate.

4.2. Meetings shall be closed to the public.

4.3. At the first meeting, following the Board’s organizational meeting, a committee Chair shall be elected by the Benefit Plan Advisory Committee from its voting members.

4.4. Committee Chair shall be elected for a one (1) year term.

4.5. All decisions shall require a simple majority from the voting members.