8.1: Appendix 8.1: Governance and Planning Committee Meeting Terms of Reference


1. Purpose:

1.1.The purpose of the Governance and Planning Committee is to provide an opportunity for all trustees to engage in dialogue on generative governance, strategic planning, advocacy, student engagement and operational understanding.

2. Powers and Duties:

2.1. The Board Chair shall chair the Governance and Planning Committee meeting.

3. Membership:

3.1. All trustees with a quorum of four (4) trustees;

3.2. The Superintendent;

3.3. Other division personnel and resources as required; and

3.4. One (1) Recording Secretary.

4. Meetings:

4.1.Meetings, or portions thereof, may be opened to the public as determined by the committee. Those meetings, or portions thereof, not opened to the public shall be closed to the public; and

4.2. Shall be scheduled and held as required.