17: Student Transportation Services


The Board believes in providing a safe, caring and efficient transportation service for students.


1. The Board considers the contracting of bus services to be an acceptable way of providing student transportation. The Board is prepared to advertise bus service contracts through a competitive request for proposals.

2. The Board shall approve school attendance areas for each school.

3. The Board acknowledges its responsibility to provide transportation to and from the designated school for all resident students eligible for such service. In fulfilling this commitment, theBoard establishes the following criteria for all students:

3.1. Transportation services shall be provided for students residing more than 2.4 kilometers from the designated school site.

3.2. Transportation services may be provided if the distance is less than 2.4 kilometers and more than 0.9 kilometers from the school site.

4. The Board recognizes the School Act provides choice for parents in the matter of which school they may wish to have their children attend. When exercising such choice, parents accept responsibility for transportation.

4.1 The Board may provide transportation to students who are attending a school other than their designated school; provided: 

4.1.1 There is space available on the bus;

4.1.2 The bus does not have to be diverted from the regular approved route; and

4.1.3 That any applicable cross attendance area fees are paid.

4.2. This policy shall apply to eligible passengers attending ECS through Grade 12.

5. When attendance areas are changed by the Board, students residing in an effected area who have been transferred from one attendance area to another as of the beginning of a new school year shall be permitted to attend their previous school for that year. The Board may make an extension to a transition year as a result of program or accommodation considerations.

6. The Board may establish optional attendance areas that service two (2) or more schools in which parents have a choice. The Board will establish specific conditions on how the cross attendance area fee would apply.



Date Approved: April, 2019

School Act: 13, 45, 51-53, 60-61,
Traffic Safety Act
School Bus Operation Regulation
Student Transportation Regulation 250/98 (Amended A.R. 102/2017)

Board Policy: 1
Admin Procedure: 505, 550-551

Reviewed or Revised:
April, 2019
March, 2017
September, 2010