16: Recruitment and Selection of Personnel


The recruitment and selection of Division personnel is a shared responsibility between the Board and the Superintendent. The Board believes that effective system leadership and school administration are essential to the effective and efficient operation of the school system.

Superintendent Recruitment

1. The Board shall recruit a Superintendent as legislated in the Education Act; notably:

1.1. The Education Act legislates that “the Board, as a partner in education, has the responsibility to recruit the Superintendent and entrust the day-to-day management of the school division to the staff through the Superintendent (s. 33(1)(j))”; and

1.2. The Education Act legislates the criteria, appointment period and responsibilities of the Superintendent (s. 222).

2. The Board holds the sole responsibility and authority for the advertising and selection process for the Superintendent.

3. The Board delegates, to the Superintendent, the full authority to recruit and select or designate the recruitment and selection of staff for Division staff positions.

4. Notwithstanding the recruitment of the Superintendent, the Superintendent or designate shall assume the responsibility for initiating the advertising process for recruitment and shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that all current Division employees are made aware of staff vacancies.

Specific to the Recruitment of the Associate Superintendent, Corporate Supports and Services

5. The following process shall be followed for the Associate Superintendent, Corporate Supports and Services (Secretary-Treasurer) position:

5.1. The Superintendent shall initiate a process to determine a short-list of candidates for this position and, subsequently, the process for interviewing candidates;

5.2. The Board and the Superintendent shall constitute the interview panel;

5.3. The Superintendent shall have the final approval regarding the selection of candidate to which the position shall be offered; and

5.4. This position shall have a role description and the person occupying this position shall have a written contract of employment.

5.4.1. The Superintendent is delegated full authority to determine contract renewals

Specific to the Recruitment of the School Principal

6. The following process shall be followed for the appointment of candidates to the position of Principal:

6.1. The Superintendent shall form an interview team including the Board Chair.

6.2. The interview team shall provide advice to the Superintendent regarding the placement of candidates into a short-list.

6.3. The Superintendent shall have the final approval in the selection of a Principal to fill a vacancy.

6.4. The Superintendent has the authority to make all decisions regarding the continuing appointment of Principals.

6.5. The Superintendent may consider community stakeholder engagement opportunities to determine those Principal qualities and attributes most sought by the community and/or School Council.

7. In the event of an unexpected or short-term vacancy, the Superintendent may appoint an “acting Principal” without going through a formal selection process.

8. The Superintendent may initiate a procedure of transfers of Principals between schools.

9. All offers of employment shall be conditional on the successful applicant providing a vulnerable sector check that is acceptable to the Superintendent; and

9.1. The Superintendent may require documentation certifying that the candidate is medically fit for the position.



Date Approved: March 10, 2020

Education Act: 33, 205-223 

Board Policy: 12

Reviewed or Revised:
March, 2020
March, 2017
September, 2010