11: Board Delegation of Authority


The Board is charged with the responsibility of providing, for its students and their parents or guardians, an education system organized and operated in their best interests. It exercises this responsibility through setting of local educational policy and the wise use of resources.

The Superintendent is the Chief Executive Officer of the Board and the Chief Education Officer of the Division. The Superintendent reports directly to the corporate Board, and is accountable to the Board of Trustees for the conduct and operation of the Division.

The Education Act allows for the Board to delegate certain responsibilities and powers to others. All Board authority delegated to the staff of the Division is delegated through the Superintendent.


1.  The Board delegates the authority to the Superintendent to exercise any power, or do any act, or thing, that the Board may do, or is required to do, except those matters prohibited by provincial legislation and, specifically, except those matters identified in section 52(4) of the Education Act.

2.  The Board reserves, to itself, the authority to make any decisions, or to amend any delegation of authority, through policy amendment or motion.

2.1.  The Board’s authority is established through Board policies, as reviewed and amended on an ongoing basis.

3.  The Board requires that any significant new provincial, regional or local obligations be brought to the Board for information and discussion.



Date Approved: June 21, 2022

Education Act: 52, 53, 202-219, 222
Collective Agreements: ATA, CAAMSE, IUOE

Board Policy: 2, 12

Reviewed or Revised:
June, 2022
December, 202
March, 2017
September, 2010