10: Policy Formation and Review


In accordance with the Education Act and the Board Procedures Regulation, policy formation and review constitute an essential method by which the Board exercises its governance of the operation of the school system. The Board acknowledges the desirability of consultation and the study of reports in the development of policy, and requires that the input of those who will be affected be requested and considered.

The Board demonstrates the belief in the establishment and review of policy, that reflects its values and perspectives, and shall adhere to the following stages in its approach to new policy formation and review:


The Board, in consultation with the Superintendent, shall assess the need for a policy, as a result of its own monitoring activities or on the suggestion of others, and identify the critical attributes of each policy to be developed.


The Board may develop the policy itself or delegate the responsibility for policy development to the Superintendent.


The Board is responsible for the implementation of policies governing its own processes. The Board and Superintendent share the responsibility for implementation of policies relating to the BoardSuperintendent relationship. The Superintendent is responsible for the implementation of the other policies through operational procedures.


The Board, in consultation with the Superintendent, shall review each policy in a timely manner in order to determine if it is meeting its intended purpose.

New Policy Formation:

1. Policy needs may be identified by the Board's Policy Review Committee, by a Trustee, by the Superintendent, by any individual or group, or required through legislative or regulatory requirements.

2. The Board shall review the identified problem, issue or need to determine whether or not there is to be a review or formation of policy.

3. If there is a determination by the Board to review or develop policy, the Superintendent shall be directed by motion of the Board to draft a policy proposal.

4. Proposals for policies that are deemed by the Board to be new in scope are to include:

4.1. Background (as applicable);

4.2. Legal implications;

4.3. Costs;

4.4. Impact on persons affected;

4.5. Legislative or collective agreement references;

4.6. Samples of similar policies, where possible; and

4.7. Policy recommendation.

5. The draft policy shall be submitted to the Board for first reading and discussion. The Board may:

5.1. Reject or approve the proposal and direct a reconsideration; or

5.2. Approve the draft policy, in principle, for stakeholder consideration with the intent on receiving feedback.

6. If the policy is deemed by the Board to require stakeholder feedback, then the policy shall be posted on the Division website and distributed, as deemed necessary by the Board, with a request for feedback within a designated time-frame:

6.1. To parents through school councils;

6.2. To Principals;

6.3. To the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) Local #10;

6.4. To the Central Alberta Association of Municipal and School Employees (CAAMSE) Local #1;

6.5. To the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local #955;

6.6. To the Non-Union Group (NUG); and

6.7. To and group or organization considered by the Board as an essential or consequential for reaction.

7. The Superintendent shall undertake any redrafting necessary:

7.1. The redrafted policy shall be submitted to the Board for a second reading, discussion and possible amendment; and

7.2. Received written reactions shall be provided to the Board in support of proposed changes.

8. The Board may approve the policy as amended or direct the Superintendent to further revise the policy prior to a third and final reading.

9. When the Board approves a policy, that policy shall be recorded in the minutes of the Board meeting.

10. Policies shall be effective immediately upon adoption unless a specific effective date is provided in the motion to adopt;

10.1. All policies shall specify the most current date of Board approval or review.

Policy Review and/or Amendment:

11. Policy statements that are superseded by superior legislation, or new Board policies, shall be automatically declared invalid.

12. Policies shall be presented to the Board for review at least once within a four (4) year term of the Board;

12.1. The review process shall be initiated by the Superintendent or the Board.

13. At the completion of the review, the Board may decide to:

13.1. Reaffirm the policy by motion and simple majority at a regular Board meeting;

13.2. Rescind the policy by motion and simple majority at a regular Board meeting;

13.3. Recommend non-substantial amendments to the policy; or

13.4. Recommend substantial amendments to the policy;

13.4.1. Substantial changes are those that are deemed to significantly change the intent of the policy (for instance: electoral boundary review).

14. Policy amendments, relating to legislative changes, new information, organization or syntax that are deemed by the Board to be non-substantial, may be amended by a simple majority vote to approve the amendments, as per 13.1.

15. A substantial change to a Board Policy shall typically follow the process for new policy formation; however

15.1. As deemed necessary, the Board reserves the right to implement, by motion approval, an atypical process for planning, development, implementation or review of Board policy.

Rescinding of Board Policy:

16. The Board, upon rescinding a policy, may subsequently delegate the Policy’s matter to the Superintendent;

16.1. The Superintendent may then develop an administrative procedure relative to this matter.

17. Any policy that is amalgamated into another policy shall be considered to be automatically rescinded by the process of approval for policy amalgamation.


18. The Superintendent shall arrange for all Board policies and administrative procedures and subsequent revisions to be posted on the Division’s website, in a timely manner, for staff and public access.

18.1. The Superintendent shall inform the Board in a timely manner, of any substantial changes to administrative procedures.



Date Approved: March 8, 2022

Education Act: 33, 41, 42, 62, 76 

Board Policy: 11

Reviewed or Revised:
March, 2022
November, 2019
September, 2019