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Policy 9

The Board may appoint trustees to represent the Board on various external committees, agencies and organizations. Such representation is established at the discretion of the Board to facilitate the exchange of information on matters of mutual concern and/or to discuss possible agreements between the Division and other organizations.

The Board will determine the terms of reference for each representative. The Superintendent may appoint resource personnel to work with representatives and shall determine the roles, responsibilities and reporting requirements of resource personnel.

The following committees/organizations will have a Board representative as identified at the annual organization meeting:

1. Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) Zone 2/3

1.1. Purpose

1.1.1. Represent the Board at meetings of ASBA Zone 2/3

1.2. Powers and Duties

1.2.1. Attend ASBA Zone 2/3 meetings

1.2.2. Represent the Board’s positions and interests at the Zone level

1.2.3. Communicate to the Board the work of ASBA Zone 2/3

1.3. Membership

1.3.1. A maximum of three (3) trustees including those trustees elected to Executive positions

1.4. Meetings

1.4.1. As called by ASBA Zone 2/3

2. Spruce Grove Joint Use Committee

2.1. Purpose

2.1.1. Represent the Board at Joint Use Committee meetings.

2.2. Powers and Duties

2.2.1. Attend committee meetings

2.2.2. Represent the Board’s positions and interests

2.2.3. Communicate to the Board the work of the committee



Date Approved: May 2, 2017

School Act: 61, 68  (signature)

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