Board Policies

Policy 8

The Board shall establish certain standing committees for ongoing study of major areas of responsibility and may establish ad hoc committees from time to time for specific purposes.

General Requirements

1. Committees normally have no legal powers, although in special circumstances they may be empowered by the Board to make certain decisions and/or recommendations on its behalf.

Unless specified otherwise in the terms of reference for each committee:

1.1. A quorum, consisting of a simple majority of voting members, shall be present for every committee meeting

1.2. Trustees, as members of a specific committee, shall be the only members entitled to vote at any meeting; and

1.3. Decisions and/or recommendations forwarded to the Board shall be determined by consensus of the voting members of that committee

2. Committees can consider only those topics or problems which are referred to them by the Board or the Superintendent.

3. Committees may be charged with conducting in-depth studies into the matters to which they are assigned and providing recommendations to the Board that they deem advisable.

4. Committees shall meet from time to time as specified by the Board.

5. Committees may deem it necessary to convene in camera to discuss such matters as specified in Policy 7 Board Operations.

5.1. In-camera minutes, if deemed necessary to be prepared, shall be marked as privileged and confidential and may only be shared during an in-camera portion of a regular board meeting.

6. A Recording Secretary shall be responsible for:

6.1. Notifying committee members of the deadline for submission of items for the agenda;

6.2. Preparing and distributing the agenda to all committee members one (1) week prior to the meeting;

6.3. Preparing and maintaining records of committee meetings;

6.4. Distributing draft minutes to committee members for review prior to including them on upcoming Board meeting agenda.

7. The Board Chair may serve as ex officio to all Board committees

8. The Board may establish annually the following standing committees:

8.1. PSD Tomorrow Committee

8.2. Education Committee

8.3. Advocacy Committee

8.4. Student Advisory Committee

8.5. Benefit Plan Advisory Committee

8.6. Teacher Board Advisory Committee

8.7. Audit Committee

8.8. Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) Labour Relations

8.9. Central Alberta Association of Municipal and School Employees (CAAMSE) Labour Relations

8.10. International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Labour Relations

9. The Board may establish ad hoc committees

Ad hoc committees may be established from time to time to assist the Board for a specific purpose or function. The terms of reference for each ad hoc committee shall be established at the time of formation. The term of appointment shall end upon conclusion of the appointed purpose or function or at the pleasure of the Board.

10. The Superintendent may appoint resource personnel to work with committees and shall determine the roles, responsibilities and reporting requirements of the resource personnel.


Date Approved: September 14, 2021

Education Act: 34,52-53,85,88,142,189,200 Collective Agreements  

Board Policy: 2-6, 9, 13

Reviewed or Revised:
September, 2021, April, 2019 March, 2017