Appendix 3.1: Services Materials and Equipment Provided


Trustees shall be provided with the following services, materials and equipment while in office: 

1. Reference Materials, including:

1.1. A Current copy of the Education Act, the Regulations and related documents;

1.2. A Board Policy Handbook and Administrative Procedures Manual if requested;

1.3. A copy of current Division documents, including:

1.3.1. The Budget;

1.3.2. The Capital Plan;

1.3.3. The current Education Plan;

1.3.4. The most recent Annual Education Results Report; and

1.3.5. Relevant Collective Agreements;

1.4. Audited Financial Statements;

1.5. Relevant school year and meeting calendars;

1.6. A current telephone listing of schools and principals;

1.7. Maps and directions to school sites;

1.8. A list of School Council officials; and

1.9. Any relevant information to agencies to which the Board belongs.

2. Communications/Public Relations, including:

2.1. Notification of significant media events;

2.2. Name tags, business cards and lapel pins;

2.3. Key messages as required; and

2.4. Individual and Board photographs.

3. Administrative Services through the Superintendent, including:

3.1. Access to interoffice mail;

3.2. Board specific conference registration, travel and accommodation arrangements;

3.3. Photocopying and related secretarial services as determined prudent by Board Chair; and

3.4. Coordination of events sponsored by the Board.

4. Communication Services and Device(s), including:

4.1. A PSD Gmail address (e-mail) and Google Drive access;

4.2. An electronic communication device (based on choices available) for Internet and/or cell phone use or appropriate account compensation (based on Division plan) as determined prudent by the Board; and

4.3. Technology support through PSD Technology Services as required.


Date Approved: March 2, 2021

Reviewed or Revised: March, 2021