AP 528: Fundraising For School Purposes

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Fundraising is a process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources from individuals and businesses towards a specific outcome. While the Division recognizes its obligation to provide funds to meet the basic costs of the educational needs of students, some schools and school support groups may wish to enhance these educational services and engage in fundraising for this purpose.

It is the desire of the Division that fundraising activities be compatible with the best interests of students, school staff and the community.


Fundraising: refers to the action of raising funds through activities such as raffles, charity events and partnerships for a specific purpose.


1. Student and staff participation in fundraising activities shall be voluntary.

2. The safety of students is the paramount consideration in any fundraising activity;

2.1. Parents are to approve their child/ren participation in fundraising activities.

3. Fundraising activities shall not permit actions that are contrary to the Division values. Humiliation and high pressure tactics are not permitted.

4. Fundraising activities shall not detract from curricular programs.

5. Schools shall not organize student door-to-door canvassing.

6. School councils cannot be incorporated under the Societies Act or the Companies Act (section 9) and shall be subject to relevant school board policies, therefore:

6.1.  The Superintendent supports the clear separation of School Councils and School Fundraising Societies, given the intended scope of the School Council and the benefit of involvement in a partnership in a Society;

6.2.  School Councils shall refrain from implementing or managing fundraising activities and, specifically by legislation, School Councils shall not undertake fundraising endeavours that require a gaming license from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC), such as bingos, casinos or raffles.

With respect to school-based fundraising:

7. Principals shall discuss fundraising activities that may yield an excess of ten (10) thousand dollars ($10,000) with the Superintendent or designate prior to the planning or public distribution of the fundraising activity (prior to activity onset);

8. Fundraising activities shall not represent unfair competition with local businesses;

9. Principals shall be mindful of any other school fundraising activities in adjacent or shared attendance areas; and

10. Principals shall seek the advice and collaboration of the School Council and staff in order to best provide school fundraising societies with appropriate goals for expenditure consideration.

With respect to school society fundraising, pertaining to the school or school activities:

11. School fundraising societies shall be established under the Alberta Societies Act with a mandate that includes providing support to a school for school-based endeavours;

12. School fundraising societies shall be established autonomously and shall operate at arms-length from the Division with an understanding of the following provisions established for fundraising that utilizes the school, the school’s students, the school’s name or the school’s staff in any way:

12.1.  The Division employees shall not occupy executive positions on any school fundraising society;

12.2.  The Principal's approval is required :

12.2.1.  For all fundraising activities that involve the school name, the school’s resources or building, the school’s students and staff;

12.2.2.  In order for any fundraising to occur within a school;

12.3.  School fundraising societies shall generally consult with the school principal to determine areas of greatest need for the school;

12.4.  All materials and equipment accepted by schools shall become the property of the Division.


Date Approved:  June 17, 2021

Reference: Education Act: 33, 55, 197, 222, 256
School Councils Regulation (95/2019)
Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) Act
Charitable Fundraising Act Societies Act

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: June, 2021

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.