AP 446: Support Staff Development

Personnel & Employment


The Superintendent demonstrates the belief that a shared responsibility to support the professional development of all staff exists within Parkland School Division. To meet or exceed the Division’s performance standards, a key strategy shall include the development of capable, caring and healthy employees. All staff members in the Division are to actively engage in professional learning opportunities to enhance their ability to fulfill the Division’s mission and vision.

This Administrative Procedure applies to staff who hold credentials other than a teaching certificate.


With respect to Professional Growth Plans (the Growth Plan):

1. The staff member shall develop and implement the Growth Plan at the onset of each school year and in alignment with meeting the expectations of the position;

2. Growth Plans shall align closely with the Division’s current Education Plan and the relevant school/department plan(s);

3. The direct supervisor of a staff member shall meet as necessary on an ongoing basis to discuss the staff member’s growth and development in alignment with that staff member’s Growth Plan.

With respect to performance:

4. Performance appraisals are distinct and separate from the professional development planning process in that:

4.1.  The primary purpose of employee evaluation shall be to assess the success of each employee in meeting the performance expectations set out by the Division in each job description; however,

4.2.  Notwithstanding this administrative procedure, where a site manager determines through performance appraisal that growth or remediation of employee performance is advisable or necessary, then the site manager may establish a required Growth Plan with the employee.

5. Site managers shall take appropriate opportunities to affirm professional development accomplishments of employees.

6. The Superintendent or designate may determine that individual or group staff development activities are appropriate and may request or direct employees to participate in such activities.




Date Approved: August 20, 2020

Reference: Education Act 204, Part 7: Division 3 – Non-Teaching Employees
Collective Agreements

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: August, 2020

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.