AP 448: Teacher Supervision

Personnel & Employment


The Alberta Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Policy aims to ensure that each teacher’s actions, judgments and decisions are in the best educational interests of students and support optimum learning.

School authorities, Early Childhood Services (ECS) operators, superintendents, principals and teachers are responsible for facilitating quality improvement through each teacher’s career-long professional growth. School authorities, ECS operators, superintendents, principals and teachers shall work together to ensure that all teachers exhibit professional practice that adheres to the Teaching Quality Standard.

The Superintendent demonstrates the belief that a differentiated model of supervision promotes effective teaching and learning.


1. With respect to developing and implementing a successful Supervision Plan that recognizes differences in teacher needs, interests and experiences, the Principal shall:

1.1.  Consult with the Superintendent or designate with respect to the Supervision Plan;

1.2.  Provide support, guidance and development opportunities for teachers;

1.3.  Observe and receive information from qualified sources about the quality of professional practice;

1.4.  Provide direct, constructive feedback about professional practice;

1.5.  Identify professional behaviours and practices that are to be recognized as exemplars; and

1.6.  Identify professional behaviours and practices that may require an evaluation;

2. An effective program of teacher supervision shall be characterized by:

2.1.  Ongoing support for school improvement and staff development;

2.2.  The observable existence of a climate of trust and support within the school;

2.3.  A collaborative model that includes direct and differentiated approaches with a focus on strengths;

2.4.  Sharing of relevant information and observation on an ongoing basis; and

2.5.  Access to any notes or documentation taken during supervision.

3. The Principal, through supervision, has reason to believe that a teacher’s practice does not meet established standards as outlined in the Teaching Quality Standard.




Date Approved:  September 16, 2019

Reference: Education Act
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Certification of Teachers Regulation 3/1999
Practice Review of Teachers Regulation 11/2010
Teaching Quality Standard
Guide to Education ECS to G. 12
Practice Review of Teachers Information Bulletin 3.3.2

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: September, 2019


References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.