AP 460: Provisions For Vacations

Personnel & Employment


The Superintendent demonstrates the belief that employee wellness is maintained through annual vacations and holidays that provide employees with an annual retreat from their work routine.

The following procedures apply to those employee groups who are eligible for an annual vacation entitlement outlined in their collective agreement or in their terms and conditions of employment.


1. Vacation leave shall be taken during the year in which it is earned unless prior written authorization has been provided through the Superintendent or designate.

2. Vacation leave may be taken in conjunction with time off in lieu of overtime pay with the approval of the Superintendent or designate.

3. Vacation leave shall not exceed fifteen (15) consecutive work days at one (1) time without the prior approval of the Superintendent or designate3

4. Vacation leave shall be scheduled, as possible to do so, within school vacation periods; and

4.1. Shall be coordinated and approved by the employee’s direct supervisor.

5. Employees with less than one (1) year of service may be granted a vacation leave on a pro- rated basis in relation to the percentage of a year employed.

6. The Director of Business and Finance shall maintain appropriate vacation records for staff.

7. Vacation leave may be carried over upon approval of the Superintendent or designate.




Date Approved:  December 9, 2019

Reference:Education Act: 204-211, 222
Employment Standards Code
Collective Agreements

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: January, 2021

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.