AP 462: Leaves Of Absence

Personnel & Employment


All staff are to be at their assigned place of work unless legal authority has been granted for them to be absent. Such legal authority shall include the Education Act, the employee’s Collective Agreement, or written permission from the Superintendent or designate.

Absence from work without legal authority constitutes a breach of contract.


1. An employee may apply in writing to the Superintendent for a leave of absence other than those leaves of absence specifically guaranteed by the Education Act, the employee’s Collective Agreement or the employee’s contract. Notably:

1.1. A leave of absence may be requested with pay, with pay less the cost of the replacement staff or without pay and without related benefits.

2. Authority to grant any leave of absence is the responsibility of the Superintendent or designate in consultation with the Principal or site manager.

2.1. When assessing requests, the Superintendent or designate shall consider the operational needs of the school, site or business unit, including the continuity of instruction and provision of educational services and/or supports to students.

3. Teachers wishing to receive leave to do work with an agency external to the Division (e.g. ATA, Alberta Education, Convention Association) shall request permission in writing from the Superintendent or designate.

3.1. With respect to reimbursement, letters from such agencies committing to reimbursement of appropriate expenditures are to be forwarded together with the teacher's letter of request:

3.1.1. All such agencies shall be charged 1/200 of the teacher's annual salary for each day of absence unless the Superintendent or designate deems that the experience will have a substantial positive system impact. In such cases the agency may be billed for a lesser amount or no amount at all.

4. The Superintendent or designate may grant leave with full pay to school administrators in order for them to complete administrative training.

5. Leaves of absence may be approved by the Superintendent or designate for teachers to accept other employment in those circumstances where the employment has a direct educational value in relation to the teacher's teaching assignment, or in circumstances related to the teacher's health.

6. Extended leaves of absence shall be considered to be from an employee’s position as staff of the Division and not from a specific position unless special arrangements are negotiated as a condition of granting the leave; notably:

6.1. An employee returning from an extended leave of absence shall not be guaranteed to return to the same school, location or department.

7. Prior to any absence, all teachers shall advise their Principal of absences from their regular work site.

8. Prior to an activity or event, Principals shall inform the Superintendent when such work activities or events take them outside of the Division.


Date Approved:  December 9, 2019

Reference: Education Act: 196-197, 204- 211, 222
Employment Standards Act
Labour Relations Act
Collective Agreements

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: January, 2021

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.