AP 468: Employee Resignations

Personnel & Employment


The Division requires that employees wishing to resign from the employ of the Division do so in accordance with the provisions of provincial statutes, collective agreements and Division administrative procedures.


1. An employee wishing to resign from employment with the Division shall submit a letter of resignation to his/her direct supervisor, who shall forward it to the Director of Human Resources specifying the last day of performance of assigned duties.

2. Upon receiving a letter of resignation, the Director of Human Resources shall:

2.1.  Ensure that the period of notice given by the employee is in accordance with the conditions of employment;

2.2.  If in accordance, accept, in writing, the resignation; and

2.3.  Notify the payroll department.

3. If, upon receiving a letter of resignation, the Director of Human Resources believes that the period of notice does not comply with the conditions of employment, the Superintendent may:

3.1.  Require of the employee the appropriate period of notice; or

3.2.  Accept the resignation as offered; and

3.3.  Notify the payroll department.

4. In the event an employee is absent from work for undisclosed reasons for a period of five (5) consecutive working days, the position will be considered abandoned and therefore vacant.




Date Approved:  December 9, 2019

Reference: Education Act: 214-216, 222
Employment Standards Code

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: December, 2019

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.