AP 262: Human Sexuality Education

Instruction & Assessment


Sexual health education is a required part of Alberta’s provincially mandated curriculum. It is taught as part of Health and Life Skills in Grades 4-9 and as part of Career and Life Management (CALM) in Grades 10-12. The Alberta Education curriculum identifies specific learning goals for each grade level.

The human sexuality component is offered to all students.


1. For students of all ages, sexual health education shall:

1.1.  Be science-based and free from bias;

1.2.  Honour self-worth and dignity;

1.3.  Be inclusive of personal, family and social values;

1.4.  Respect individual differences;

1.5.  Provide a supportive environment for students to learn and ask questions; and

1.6.  Use age-appropriate teaching methods and materials.

2. Principals shall ensure that parents of students:

2.1.  Have access to information about the learning outcomes of the Health and Life Skills K-9 and CALM programs of study;

2.2.  Can, on their request, preview the learning materials used in teaching the outcomes related to human sexuality; and

2.3.  Are advised, at the beginning of the school year, of their right to exempt their child from the human sexuality components of the programs of study.

3. Teachers, in consultation with the Principal, may choose to use a guest speaker from Alberta Health Services, or the involvement of other community resources and personnel, provided that:

3.1.  The teacher remains present for the guest speaker’s lesson;

3.2.  Information presented by the guest speaker meets the same standards, goals and curriculum requirements as content presented by a teacher; and

3.3.  Parents are notified in advance.

4. If a parent should request that a student be exempt from instruction in human sexuality the school shall provide alternative instruction for the student.

5. Alberta Education resources shall be used to support the Programs of Study as they relate to the human sexuality outcomes.


Date Approved: September 10, 2019

Reference: Education Act: 58.1
Human Rights Act
Guide to Education ECS to G. 12

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: January, 2019

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.