AP 230: Locally Developed Courses

Instruction & Assessment


School authorities in Alberta have the flexibility to develop or acquire locally developed courses to address particular student and/or community needs. These learning opportunities complement, extend and/or expand upon provincial programs of study.


1. Locally developed/authorized courses shall follow criteria established in the Alberta Guide to Education.

2. Locally developed courses for both Middle Years and High School students may be developed in collaboration with the Director, Instructional Services.

3. Locally developed courses are submitted to the Director, Instructional Services for review.

4. The Director, Instructional Services shall recommend locally developed courses to the Superintendent or designate for approval.

5. Locally developed high school courses that the Superintendent approves are submitted to Alberta Education for final approval.

6. The Director, Instructional Services shall provide oversight for the implementation and monitoring of locally developed courses and communicate progress with the Superintendent or designate as prudent to do so.


Date Approved: September 10, 2019

Reference: Education Act: 18, 19, 196, 197
Guide to Education ECS to G. 12

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: September, 2019

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.