AP 306: International Students

Organization & Culture


The Division supports educational programs that foster national and international goodwill, promote global awareness and education, and cultivate the appreciation of other cultures and languages.

Providing services to students from other countries, where facility spaces and learning resources are available, can enhance the learning experiences of resident students while promoting enriched understandings and cultural experiences for the entire school community.


a)  Visiting Student: shall mean a student studying in Alberta who is not registered as a student of the Division, is not part of an approved reciprocal student exchange and is visiting for no longer than ten (10) days.

b)  International Student: shall mean a student whose parents are citizens of and reside in another country.

c)  Exchange Student: shall mean a student on a reciprocal exchange program.


1. The Principal shall be responsible for authorizing the admittance of an international student.

2. Principals may enroll international students after having given due consideration to the following criteria:

2.1.  Assessment of school resources and/or facility requirements that may be necessary to serve the student(s);

2.2.  Assessment of potential impact(s) on the programs and services provided to other students in the school, and

2.3.  Satisfactory completion by the pertinent parties of all the Division registration and resource documents, including the International Student Agreement and the Host Family Agreement, where applicable.

3. Tuition fees for international students are established annually by the Superintendent or designate and approved by the Board.

4. International students may be charged additional school fees in accordance with those identified in the International Student Agreement and/or the Host Family Agreement.

5. Principals may enroll one (1) or more “visiting students” within the guidelines of Alberta Education and provided resources at the school level will permit.

5.1. Visiting students shall not be charged tuition fees.

5.2.  No funding shall be provided to the schools in support of a visiting student registration.

5.3.  Visiting student status will be restricted to a maximum of ten (10) days with one (1) extension of not more than ten (10) additional days at the discretion of the Principal.

6. Principals may enroll reciprocal exchange students within the guidelines of Alberta Education and again, where resources at the school level permit.

6.1.  Such students are funded by Alberta Education and therefore are not charged any tuition fee.

6.2.  Principals may charge for school based fees on the same basis as that undertaken with resident students.




Date Approved: September 13, 2019

Reference: Education Act: 10, 12, 13
PSD International Student Agreement
PSD Host Family Agreement
School Fees and Costs Regulation (101/2017)

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: September, 2019

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.