AP 330: Awards And Scholarships

Organization & Culture


In ensuring that school environments are conducive to student learning, the Superintendent encourages and supports ongoing student recognition and the public acknowledgement of student achievement and success.

While not mandatory, scholarships and/or awards may be used as a component of student recognition.


1. The Principal shall ensure that staff recognize students equitably and effectively throughout the year, whether through celebrations of students’ success and achievement, through awards, scholarships or by any other means.

2. Schools that utilize awards and/or scholarships shall consult accordingly with the school staff and School Council as prudent to do so.

3. With respect to student awards:

3.1.  The Principal shall ensure awards are inclusive, and in accordance with the Division’s vision, mission and goals;

3.2.  The qualification criteria for awards shall:

3.2.1.  Be clearly defined so that student understands the degree of achievement required for the award;

3.2.2.  Made publicly available to students and parents so that the student has sufficient time to be able to achieve the award (i.e. onset of the school year).

3.3.  The award selection process shall ensure that all students who exceed the qualification for an award shall receive the award;

3.4.  With respect to solitary awards, the student who best exemplifies the criteria required for the award is determined in a manner that is free from bias or extenuating criteria not included or required by the award;

3.4.1. Selection committee members shall recuse themselves from any selection process that involves a consideration of a family member.

3.5. The process for award presentation shall ensure:

3.5.1.  Award recipients and their families receive proper notification to be able to attend the presentation;

3.5.2.  That the assembly, event or celebration follows Administrative Procedure 155 – Event and Visit Protocol;

3.5.3. That the assembly, event or celebration is held in a manner that is dignified, respectful, honours the vision, mission and beliefs of the Division, and maintains a degree of formality appropriate to the occasion.

4. With respect to private donations for awards:

4.1.  Awards from private donors in the form of cash shall be held in trust by the Division and be administered by the Associate Superintendent – Corporate Supports and Services;

4.2.  The donor shall direct the request to the Principal;

4.2.1. Terms and conditions for the award, which are mutually acceptable to the donor and the school, shall be specified and the award shall be submitted to the Superintendent or designate for approval;

4.3.  Private donors shall be acknowledged on a regular basis for their contribution towards the recognition of outstanding student performance;

4.4.  The Superintendent or designate shall ensure that Division level awards are administered in accordance with the terms and conditions;

4.5.  The Principal shall ensure that school level awards are administered in accordance with the terms and conditions; and

4.6.  A record of all Division level awards funded by private donors shall be maintained in central filing




Date Approved: September 13, 2019

Reference: Education Act 196 Teaching Quality Standard
Guide to Education ECS to G. 12

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: September, 2019

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.