AP 730: Guidance and Counselling

Health & Safety


Guidance and counselling services respond to the educational, personal, social-emotional, and career needs of the children who attend Division schools.


a)  Guidance: shall refer to a process that is both individual and group-oriented. It includes self- understanding, relating to others, educational and career planning, making decisions, setting goals and problem solving.

b)  Counselling: shall refer to a process that is both individual and group-oriented. Counselling assists individuals with personal, social, educational or career issues. Counselling activities may involve the expertise of a School Counsellor, or a Community Support Worker with specialized skills. For longer term or more in-depth counselling, students may be referred to outside agencies.

c)  Community Support Workers: shall refer to professionals with training to work with emotionally troubled children and youth.


1. Guidance and counselling services are part of the school’s continuum of supports and services that may address identified needs through three (3) service areas:

1.1.  Educational services,

1.2.  Career services, or

1.3.  Personal/Social services.

2. The Director, School and Community Services, shall provide leadership and support for the Division’s guidance and counselling programs.

3. Guidance and counselling staff are part of the student support team and are to collaborate with the other members of the school student support teams to provide coordinated and timely supports and services to students.

4. Guidance and counselling supports and services are optimally delivered by a trained school counsellor;

4.1. Successful provision of some guidance and counselling services may be based on a team approach consisting of adults who are part of the student support team.

5. School Counsellors shall consist of highly skilled professionals with specialized training in educational, career, and personal/social counselling.

6. The preferred level of training shall be a master’s degree in a counselling psychology or a related discipline.




Date Approved: January 29, 2020

Education Act: 31, 32, 33, 35.1,
196-197, 222
Freedom of Information and Personal Privacy Act
Personal Information Protection Act
Guide to Education ECS to G. 12
Comprehensive School Guidance & Counselling Programs and Services, 1997 (Alberta Education)

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: January, 2020

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.