AP 720: Specialized Health Services

Health & Safety


A student may be vulnerable to severe reaction or injury and, therefore, a student’s success and well-being may depend on sophisticated life-support medication, equipment or procedures. To this end, the Superintendent supports the implementation of specialized health services, with the primary criteria being the safety and well-being of the child.


  1. The parent or guardian shall provide a written request to the Principal for accommodation that may include a written recommendation from the student’s physician.

  2. The written request shall indicate the following:

    2.1. The service requested shall be of such a simplistic nature that a layperson, e.g. teacher, educational assistant, could successfully perform the function;

    2.2. The service shall be performed during regular school hours and/or approved school activities;

    2.3. The service shall be deemed to be critical to the well-being and functioning of the student, and

    2.4. That no other reasonable alternative service is available, e.g., through the Community Health Services Division.

  3. The Principal, in consultation with a Director of Student Services, shall review the request and determine the level of service provided by Division staff for students requiring routine medical attention;

3.1. The Principal shall deem that appropriate resources are available and that the services will not be disruptive to the educational program.

4. Upon reviewing a request from a parent or guardian for placement of a student with specialized health needs, the Principal, in consultation with Director of Student Services shall:

4.1. Assess the necessary provisions that may enable a child to receive special medical treatment as required at school;

4.1.1. This may involve the use of medical personnel;

  1. 4.2.  Determine the ability of the school to ensure these provisions;

  2. 4.3.  Place the child in the program considered; or

  3. 4.4.  Recommend a more suitable educational setting for the student.

5. Employees with students in their care requiring specialized health care shall endeavor to provide the same care and concern for the student as could reasonably be expected of a parent under similar circumstances.


Date Approved:  January 29, 2020

Education Act: 33
Emergency Medical Aid Act (E-7 RSA 2000)
Occupational Health and Safety Act

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: January, 2020

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.