AP 660: Network Access While on Leave

Communication & Technology


The Superintendent supports and encourages the use of communication technology to enhance collaboration and facilitate learning. The Network Access While On Leave Administrative Procedure explains the process for accessing or limiting technology network access during a leave of absence.


1. The Superintendent ensures that effective, fair and prudent procedures exist to provide access to the Division’s network while on leave;

1.1. Leaves of Absence are those absences described in Administrative Procedure 462 – Leaves of Absence.

2. Access or limitations to the network apply to:

2.1. The Division’s electronic network (storage drives);

2.2. The Division’s Google Drive;

2.3. The Division’s email system;

2.4. The Division’s social media accounts; and/or

2.5. All related digital or electronic applications considered to be Division property or Division digital resources.

3. The Superintendent or designate may restrict an individual’s access to the network or network applications in part, or in full at any time during a leave of absence.

4. By default, a staff member’s access to the network shall remain, however:

4.1. The staff member on leave shall be removed from email distribution lists to respect the intent of the leave;

4.1.1. The staff member may request to remain on distribution lists by written request (email) to their site supervisor;

4.1.2. The site supervisor, in coordination with the Director of Human Resources, shall approve or maintain access limitations;

4.1.3. The site supervisor shall respond to the request based on section 4.1.2 within 3 work days.

5. Notwithstanding section 3 (above), the site supervisor shall coordinate with the Director of Human Resources to ensure the conditions for access or limitations to access are clearly understood by the staff member undertaking a leave of absence.

6. The site supervisor shall coordinate with the Director of Technology in writing (email), in a timely manner, to ensure proper access or limitations are in place.

7. Full access to network applications shall commence upon a staff member’s return to work.



Date Approved: September 26, 2019

Education Act: 33, 196, 197, 222, 256
ATA Code of Professional Conduct 

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: September, 2019

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.