AP 650: Staff Mobile Technologies

Communication & Technology


The Superintendent or designate has the authority to approve the business related purchase and use of mobile phones. Due to the potential cost and inherent associated risk additional spending controls are applied to the acquisition and management of these devices.


a) Communication technology: Also known as information technology, refers to all equipment and programs that are used for the specific purposes of communicating information. For the purpose of this Administrative Procedure, communication technology primarily means cellular devices for the purpose of mobile communication.


1. For employees whose roles require mobile contact or where safety is a consideration, the use of communication technology may be authorized by their supervisor.

2. Personal use is permitted and is tax-free provided there are no incremental costs to the Division from such use.

2.1. Where incremental costs are incurred the employee is required to reimburse the Division.

3. Communication technology supplied by Technology Services shall be replaced as prudent to do so or when economically viable.

4. Rather than provide communication technology, the Superintendent or designate may also reimburse an employee for the business use of their personal device:

4.1. Reimbursement shall occur through an automatic reimbursement via payroll with maximum monthly voice, text and data rates equivalent to the Division’s contract.

5. All Division communication technology licensing plans shall be coordinated through the Purchasing Coordinator.

6. For business-related travel, employees are required to plan in advance and sign up for international roaming plans and to contain usage to plan limits.

7. The Purchasing Coordinator is available to assist with the establishment of roaming plans, however it is the responsibility of the employee to safeguard appropriate roaming use and subsequent billing.

8. In the event that Division supplied communication technology is damaged, lost or stolen:

8.1. The employee may be expected to reimburse the Division for the non-depreciated value of the asset at the discretion of the employee’s site supervisor in consultation with the Director of Financial Services.



Date Approved: February 5, 2020

Education Act 196, 197

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: January, 2020

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.