AP 606: Advertising Materials

Communication & Technology


External agencies may request the promotion of advertising material within schools, for both curricular and extra-curricular activities, provided sufficient evidence is demonstrated that the materials provide a benefit to the school community as a whole.


1. The Principal may approve the public display or distribution of advertising materials for community, agency or corporate activities provided:

1.1. The product, service or event advertised contributes to the social or educational benefit of staff, students or their families;

1.2. The advertising is specific to the sale of school-related services such as:

1.2.1. School photos,

1.2.2. Yearbooks,

1.2.3. Graduation services,

1.2.4. Calendars,

1.2.5. Agendas,

1.2.6. Book clubs,

1.2.7. School clothing and/or jewelry.

2. Advertising in school publications such as newsletters and yearbooks shall be at the discretion of the Principal.

3. Advertising material deemed out of scope with Section 1 may be presented by the Principal to the Superintendent or designate for consideration;

3.1. Principals shall be advised to seek guidance from the Superintendent or Designate if unsure.

4. Approved staff-specific advertisements shall be restricted to the staff room or to staff mailboxes.

5. The following shall not be approved and shall not be displayed or distributed in any manner:

5.1. Material promoting activities sponsored by alcohol, cannabis or tobacco companies;

5.2. Material promoting activities with a clear profit motive and no educational value to students;

5.3. Material promoting unlicensed child care services;

5.4. Unsolicited advertisements of non-school commercial activities, products, or services;

5.5. Material promoting involvement or engagement with a specific religious organization;

5.5.1. Activities that are advertised to take place within a church facility, but that are clearly not proselytizing activities, may be permitted (for example: a choir celebration or secular youth club activity).



Date Approved: January 8, 2020

Education Act: 33, 35.1, 58, 58.1, 196, 197, 222
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act 

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: January, 2020

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.