AP 602: Communication Visual Identity and Logos

Communication & Technology


The Superintendent ensures that the Division and schools’ visual media identity, as a first point of contact that the public has with Parkland School Division (PSD), reflects the vision and values of the Division. The Division’s visual identity tells a lot about who The Parkland School Division is as an organization and plays a key part in defining PSD to our stakeholders and community partners.

The visual identity program also establishes the ‘look and feel’ of the Division and what it represents. PSD’s corporate logo is an integral part of our visual identity program and aligns closely with the vision, mission, and values in telling our story to broad public audiences.

A key measure in defining the success of the Division’s corporate branding is the extent to which we are able to achieve consistency across all communications and marketing platforms. Consistent execution of the Division and its schools’ visual identity (including logos) is necessary in all forms of print and digital communications, social media, web-based communication, corporate advertising, and building/vehicle signage.


1. All representations of the Division’s visual identity/corporate brand in any internal or external communications resource shall follow the Division’s approved Parkland School Division Visual Identity Guidelines (internal document).

1.1. The Director, Strategic Communication shall ensure that the Parkland School Division Visual Identity Guidelines document is easily accessible to Division staff.

2. The Director, Strategic Communication shall be responsible for ensuring that the Parkland School Division Visual Identity Guidelines are followed by the Division Office, Division schools and external third-party stakeholders.

3. School Administration shall work with the Director, Strategic Communication to ensure new or altered school logos align with the Parkland School Division Visual Identity Guidelines.

3.1. School logos are approved by the Superintendent prior to use.



Date Approved: January 8, 2020

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act 

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: January, 2020

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.