AP 600: Communication Principles

Communication & Technology


The Superintendent is committed to the principle of open, two-way communication with the Division’s internal and external stakeholders. In accordance with this commitment, the Superintendent employs a Director to be responsible for Strategic Communications with a primary purpose of establishing and maintaining effective Division and school communication.


With respect to the enduring priority of engagement:

1. The Superintendent or designate shall coordinate effective processes that:

1.1. Ensure opportunities for meaningful involvement of students, parents and the community in decisions that affect them;

1.2. Create ease of access to information about the operation of the Division and the schools;

1.2.1. This shall not include information about individual employees or students;

1.3. Generate opportunities for all staff to play a role in community relations;

1.4. Promote public interest and participation in the school system;

1.5. Respond with sensitivity to public attitudes toward school system activities;

1.6. Provide objective, continuous and comprehensive information about the school system; and

1.7. Ensure stakeholders are able to participate in a meaningful way in shaping education directions and initiatives of the Division.

2. The Superintendent or designate shall ensure the development of an annual Communication Plan that identifies strategies and directions with respect to communication processes.

3. Each school and department within the Division is to be familiar with the Division's Communication Plan and play a role in building awareness, understanding, and support of the Division's goals, objectives, and activities amongst the school system's numerous stakeholders.

4. Every employee within the Division has the responsibility for encouraging and maintaining effective communication as called for by the scope of their respective duties and areas of responsibility.

5. All sites shall ensure sufficient resources are allocated to permit effective two-way communication with their local stakeholders.

6. Regular evaluations shall be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the Division's communication to provide directions for continuing improvements.

With respect to the Division’s corporate image:

7. The Division shall maintain a unified corporate image, in its style, presentation, and direction as outlined in the Corporate Communications Plan and Visual Identity Guidelines (internal document);

7.1. The Superintendent shall ensure that Administrative Procedure 602 – Division Corporate Image is reviewed by staff, as prudent to do so, and on an annual basis.



Date Approved: February 5, 2020

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: January 2020

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