AP 880: Division-Owned Vehicles



This procedure guides appropriate vehicle use activities for all Parkland School Division (PSD) owned vehicles. It acts to address safety, control use of vehicles, reduce PSD’s exposure to liability and financial losses, achieve division accountability for safe driving, and to meet all the requirements of PSD’s policies & procedures.

This procedure applies to all vehicles owned or operated by PSD, and includes all authorized drivers who drive a PSD owned Vehicle.



a) Accident: shall define any unintentional vehicle contact with another vehicle, person, fixed or moving object, or animal, which results in death, personal injury, or property damage, regardless of who was injured, what was damaged or to what extent, where it occurred or who was responsible.

b) Accident Review Board (PSD): Shall refer to a discretionary three-person panel, consisting of the Director of Transportation Services, the Director of Human Resources, and the Transportation Supervisor, who shall meet, when appropriate, to review the particular matters related to any accident, and subsequent consequences that may be provided to the authorized operator.

c) Authorized Operator: shall define any Parkland School Division employee who meets the eligibility criteria to drive a Division vehicle as set forth within this procedure. Authorized operators are to hold and maintain a valid class of license for the vehicle type they are expected to operate.

d) Employee: shall refer to any individual currently classified as an employee by Human Resources and/or currently on the Parkland School Division payroll, and, for the purposes of this Administrative Procedure, shall encompass volunteer drivers at the schools.

e) The Fort Chipewyan Winter Ice Road: (hereinafter, the Ice Road) shall refer to the Fort Chipewyan Winter Ice Road that runs from Fort Chipewyan to Fort McMurray. For this AP, the Ice Road route will refer to the section of road between Fort Chipewyan and Fort Mackay.

f) Non-Preventable Accident: shall refer to any occurrence involving an accident/incident in which everything that could have been reasonably done to prevent it was done and the accident/incident still occurred. An example of this would be if when stopped, the vehicle you are driving was rear ended.

g) Preventable Accident: shall refer to an occurrence in which the driver failed to exercise every reasonable precaution to prevent the accident. This is irrespective of whether or not there is property damage or personal injury, the extent of the loss of injury, to whom it occurred and the location of the accident. An example of this would be if you rear ended another vehicle.

h) PSD Business: shall refer to any activity by an employee or volunteer that is determined to be within the scope of the employee’s assigned duties and includes Division-sponsored or approved activities.

i) PSD Vehicle: shall refer to any motorized vehicle used to conduct business on behalf of the Division, whether owned, leased, or rented by the Division, by which persons or property can be transported.


With respect to vehicle and fleet management:

1. The Director of Transportation Services has the overall responsibility and authority regarding PSD vehicles.

1.1. PSD vehicles, in the service of a department or school, shall be respectively managed by the department’s Director or school Principal as applicable;

2. The Director or Principal shall ensure that the PSD vehicles in their care are properly serviced and maintained.

3. PSD vehicles shall only be provided as necessary, and in alignment with the authorized operator’s responsibilities – PSD vehicles are for approved purposes only.

With respect to driver eligibility:

Only authorized drivers are eligible to drive a PSD vehicle. The privilege to be an authorized operator is contingent upon compliance with the following procedures:


4. Authorized, eligible drivers must have a valid driver’s license in the Province of Alberta and appropriate for the class of vehicle driven;

4.1. If the driver operates a School Activities Bus they must also ensure that they have the School Bus (“S”) Endorsement on their license before they can be authorized to drive.

5. Prior to becoming an authorized operator for a PSD vehicle, the candidate for operation shall sign the Authorized Operator Acknowledgement Statement (Form 880A);

5.1. A copy of the signed Authorized Operator Acknowledgement Statement shall be retained by the Director of Transportation Services; and

5.2. Drivers shall not be permitted to drive any PSD vehicle without completion of the Authorized Operator Acknowledgement Statement.

6. Authorized operators are expected to follow all applicable traffic legislation and avoid repeated instances that lead to the accumulation of demerit points.

7. Prior to any offer of employment being issued, potential employees, who are required to operate a PSD vehicle as a component of their primary duties, shall have their current driver’s abstract reviewed by the position supervisor, in collaboration with the Director of Transportation Services, to assess suitability for the position.

8. Each authorized operator’s provincial Driver’s Abstract shall be reviewed annually by the Director of Transportation Services and/or Director of Human Resources;

8.1. Anomalies or infractions discovered through the abstract review shall be responded to as per this procedure.

With respect to authorized operator responsibilities and limitations:

9. All authorized operators are responsible for the safe and effective use of the PSD vehicle in their charge.

10. Authorized operators are to adhere to responsible PSD vehicle use, including:

10.1. Full compliance with the procedures outlined in this Administrative Procedure; and

10.2. Full compliance with all applicable Federal, Provincial, Municipal and local laws and regulations when operating a division owned vehicle.

11. PSD vehicles may only be operated by those authorized appropriately to do so.

With respect to travel on the Ice Road (Athabasca Delta Community School):

12. PSD vehicles may not be utilized on the Ice Road without prior authorization.

13. Authorization for any staff member to utilize a PSD vehicle on the Ice Road shall be limited to the following:

13.1. The Superintendent or designate;

13.2. The Director of Transportation Services;

13.3. The Director of Facilities Services; and/or

13.4. The Principal of Athabasca Delta Community School.

14. Before operating a PSD vehicle on the Ice Road, the driver shall ensure the following conditions are satisfied:

14.1. The trip is deemed to be essential, and has been duly authorized;

14.2. All of the vehicle’s doors and emergency exits are fully operational (not frozen shut) prior to the trip;

14.3. The vehicle has a full fuel tank, and all washer fluids are full and all lights are operating and clear;

14.4. The weight limit on the Ice Road is adequate for the size of vehicle intended to be used, and verified by checking on the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo [RMWB] website (https://www.rmwb.ca/winterroads);

14.5. The occupants are either wearing, or have in their possession, available warm winter clothing;

14.6. A designated safety person is contacted, both at the start of the Ice Road, and when the driver exits the Ice Road; notably

14.7. The designated safety person shall have emergency procedures available, in case the vehicle fails to check in within the trips estimated travel time.

With respect to bus travel on the Ice Road:

15. If travelling on a school bus all parental permission slips must be signed prior to travel.

16. The driver of the bus shall ensure all riders are given a safety evacuation brief, prior to departure, in the event of an emergency.

17. PSD school buses shall carry an Ice Road Safety Kit, located at ADCS school, for all trips on the Ice Road.

18. Before travelling over an identified ice crossing on the Ice Road, drivers of school buses MUST ensure that the crossing is clear (so as not to exceed weight limits) and they travel at the posted speed (fast moving vehicles can build a wave under the ice crossing that can damage the road and break the ice).

19. All driver shall abide, at all times, by the winter road driving recommendations, and as listed on the RMWB website.

With respect to maintenance and documentation for all travel:

20. PSD vehicles shall be maintained in accordance with the guidelines of both the vehicle manufacturer and Parkland School Division:

20.1. Authorized operators are responsible for ensuring that all vehicle documentation is kept current and in order prior to driving the PSD vehicle each day; and

20.2. Authorized operators are required to check the PSD vehicle each day prior to operating the vehicle to ensure it is operable; the check shall include, but shall not be limited to the following:

20.2.1. The exterior of the vehicle;

20.2.2. The condition of the tires;

20.2.3. The condition of the mirrors; and

20.2.4. The condition of vehicle fluids.

With respect to fuel:

21. Fuel purchases may only be made by a fleet-issued fueling card or the authorized operator’s PSD purchasing card.

22. Fuel purchases are strictly limited to PSD vehicles only.

23. For ADCS travel, Fort Petroleum is the only authorized supplier for transportation fuel requirements within the Fort Chipewyan area: notably

23.1. Only authorized personnel can obtain fuel once ID is verified, and checked against the authorization list by Fort Petroleum personnel.

With respect to infractions or accidents:

24. All authorized operators shall inform their supervisor, immediately, of any traffic infraction tickets received, while operating a PSD owned vehicle; notably

24.1. Authorized PSD personnel are responsible for paying any infraction ticket fines they receive while operating a PSD vehicle, or through parking infraction; and

24.2. Authorized PSD personnel shall notify their supervisor of any infractions that result in demerits and, therefore, have an impact on their driving abstract.

25. All authorized operators are to have less than seven (7) demerit points on their provincial driving abstract.

26. An authorized operator with seven (7) or more demerit points on their provincial driving abstract shall complete a defensive-driving course to reduce demerits;

26.1. Certification of completion shall be provided to the Director of Transportation Services and shall be retained within the authorized operator’s employee file.

27. Authorized operators who have had their driving privilege suspended as a result of demerits shall not be permitted to operate any PSD vehicle.

28. When prudent to do so, authorized operators may complete an accredited defensive-driver course to reduce demerits by three (3) points:

28.1. An authorized operator who is unable to take a defensive-driving course shall justify to their supervisor as to why they are unable to complete the course;

28.2. If the defensive-driving course requires postponement due to extenuating circumstances, then the course shall be completed as soon as possible; and

28.3. The defensive-driving course shall be completed prior to the authorized operator returning to driving duties.

29. If any authorized operator has a single conviction while driving a PSD vehicle that results in the assignment of five (5) or more demerit points for that conviction, the authorized operator shall be suspended without pay for a period of at least five (5) consecutive days.

30. An authorized operator who is convicted of careless driving, or convicted for driving while impaired, may be disciplined up to and including termination of employment.

31. In consideration of vehicle infractions: any criminal conviction may result in the immediate termination of employment.

32. If convicted or suspended, the authorized operator’s eligibility to operate a PSD vehicle shall remain suspended until the PSD Accident Review Board has reviewed the details leading to suspension, and until such time as a decision regarding further action is determined.

33. Authorized operators are to immediately report any accidents (as defined in the definitions) to their immediate supervisor.

34. Accidents involving PSD vehicles shall necessitate the completion of a PSD Accident Report, notably:

34.1. Accident Reports shall be filed with the authorized operator’s immediate supervisor as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours after the accident;

34.2. Accident Reports shall be reviewed by the supervisor for accuracy and detail, and then shall immediately be forwarded to the Director of Transportation Services for review; and

34.3. The Director of Transportation Services shall determine whether or not the accident is deemed “preventable or non-preventable”.

35. An accident that is deemed to be a “preventable accident” shall result in mandated actions taken by the authorized operator:

35.1. The authorized operator shall complete a mandatory defensive-driving course (either online or with the Transportation Supervisor): notably

35.1.1. Defensive-driving through Parkland School Division shall be at no-cost to the authorized operator; whereas

35.1.2. The cost of defensive-driving taken through an accredited external provider shall be covered by the authorized operator.

35.2. The authorized operator shall provide the defensive-driving certificate of completion to the Director of Transportation Services for appropriate filing.

35.3. The authorized operator shall be required to schedule and complete a documented “ride along” with either the Director of Transportation Services, or the Transportation Supervisor.

36. An authorized operator may resume normal operation after approval by the Director of Transportation Services.

37. Should an authorized operator of a division-owned vehicle receive a second “preventable accident” within twenty-four (24) months of the previous “preventable accident”, then that authorized operator shall have a formal review of their job performance and employment, coordinated through the direction of the Accident Review Board:

37.1. Should the Accident Review Board determine that the accident was of a minor nature, or that the authorized operator did their best to avoid it, then the authorized operator shall be required to undergo a driving-and-road-safety evaluation by the Transportation Supervisor;

37.2. At the conclusion of the driving-and-road-safety training, the authorized operator must successfully pass the on-road evaluation before driving duties can be resumed;

37.3. Failure to pass the on-road evaluation shall lead to a final evaluation conducted by the Transportation Director; and

37.4. Should the authorized operator fail a second on-road evaluation, then a review of the authorized operator’s (employee) personnel file shall be conducted by the Accident Review Board and disciplinary action, up to and including termination, may take place.

38. An authorized operator who is involved in a “non-preventable accident” shall meet to discuss the particulars of the accident with the Director of Transportation Services;

39. The intent of the meeting shall be to clarify if any other actions could potentially have assisted with accident avoidance.


Date Approved: November 15, 2023


Education Act: 52, 53, 68, 197, 222, 225
Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation
Alberta Highway Traffic Act
National Safety Code (Transport Canada)
Canadian Standards Association
Occupational Health and Safety Act
Operating Regulations
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Act

Reviewed or Revised:

Executive: November, 2023


References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.