AP 930: Access to Buildings and Use of Keys



The Superintendent ensures that staff are responsible for maintaining adequate real and personal property for administrative and educational purposes. Furthermore, it is incumbent on all Division staff to ensure the security of all its premises.


a) A Key: refers to any legal tool of entry (e.g. keys, fobs, cards, etc.).


1. Principals or Site Managers shall be responsible for the proper security of their facilities; including:

1.1. Determining an appropriate level of staff and public access to schools or school division buildings or sites.

2. Upon entering the school or other Division facility, all visitors and volunteers shall report immediately to the main office.

2.1. Directions to the main office shall be clearly displayed.

3. All visitors and volunteers, who have permission to gain entry to the school and Division facility beyond the main office, shall sign in and sign out in the visitors’ logbook.

4. Persons in the buildings without authorization shall be considered trespassers.

4.1. Trespassers shall be advised to leave the premises immediately and if defiance is exhibited by the trespassers, they shall be reported to enforcement authorities.

5. If an employee enters a building outside of the regular work hours and at a time when custodial staff are not on duty, the employee shall be responsible for the security of the building.

5.1. When working alone, employee shall follow Administrative Procedure 409 – Working Alone.

6. During school breaks and extended holidays, staff shall not be permitted in the building during times specified by the Director of Facilities Services that may interfere with schedule cleaning, maintenance and/or renovation, and construction activity.

6.1. A schedule of such activities shall be provided to the staff by the Principal or Site Supervisor.

7. Keys are obtained from and replaced by the Facilities Services department. No one else shall cut or make a Division key.

8. Keys no longer required shall be returned to the Facilities Services department.

9. A loss of a key shall be reported immediately to the Facilities Services department.

10. Doors must be locked, lights turned off, and the security system armed when the last employee leaves the building.

11. The cost for additional keys, replacement keys, and rekeying of locksets shall be a school or site expenses.



Date Approved: September 11, 2019

Education Act: 33, 52, 68, 197, 225
Petty Trespass Act Trespass to Premises Act 

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: September, 2019

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.