AP 910: Facilities and Equipment Maintenance



The Superintendent ensures that all Division facilities and equipment are maintained in a manner that promotes the safety of students, staff and agents of the Division.


1. The Director of Facilities Services, under the direction of the Associate Superintendent of Corporate Supports and Services and in consultation with Principals, is responsible for the development, implementation and management of Division buildings, equipment and grounds.

2. Division buildings and grounds shall be maintained at a level consistent with provincial code requirements and Division standards, notably:

2.1. Building exteriors shall be maintained in good repair;

2.2. Grounds shall be free of hazards where possible; and

2.3. Building interiors shall be clear, orderly, and free from obstructions and untidy accumulations.

3. All new schools, modernizations and facility upgrades shall conform to current building codes and standards.

4. Adequately trained Division personnel shall determine whether or not equipment meets current codes and standards:

4.1. All donated equipment and equipment installations shall receive prior approval by the Director of Facilities Services or designate;

4.2. Donated equipment shall become the property of the Division and therefore shall meet current codes and standards;

4.3. Any company that installs equipment in a Division facility shall provide the Director of Facilities Services with written confirmation that the equipment and installation conform to the current codes and standards;

4.4. Equipment that does not conform to current codes and standards shall either be upgraded to meet the standards or disposed of; and

4.4.1. The Director of Facilities Services or its designate shall meet with the Principal to establish an appropriate timetable for upgrading or removing equipment as prudent to do so.

5. Principals and Site supervisors shall annually evaluate the physical condition of facilities and grounds within their area of responsibility and report, to the Director of Facilities Services, both deficiencies and desired enhancements.

5.1. Staff shall bring deficiencies in site conditions to the attention of the Joint Workplace Health and Safety Committee as prudent to do so.

6. Facilities and equipment shall be checked regularly by Facilities department.

7. As part of an annual operational planning and budgeting process, the Director of Facilities Services shall prioritize facility and grounds maintenance projects and determine a fiscally appropriate allocation of resources to attend to these projects.

8. Outside agencies may also be contracted by the Division to help verify the condition of the facilities or equipment. With Respect to Work Requests

9. The Director of Facilities Services shall ensure that a Divisional work order program is established and accessible for the purpose of requesting facility work or services;

9.1. The work order program shall be used:

9.1.1. When requesting any work to be performed or facilitated by Facilities Services department personnel (i.e. upgrades, small-scale construction items, installations, replacements, relocation of furniture, etc.), and

9.1.2. When requesting work that must be completed within a specific time frame or on a specific date / time (i.e. setting up/taking down stages for Christmas concerts).

10. Emergent requests affecting the health and safety of students, staff, or building structure (i.e. leaking roofs, temperature adjustments, plugged toilets, broken windows, etc.) are to be phoned in immediately to 780-963-8427 for prompt response and/or action.



Date Approved: September 11, 2019

Education Act: 33, 52, 68, 197, 225

Reviewed or Revised:
Executive: January, 2021

References shall be updated as required and do not require additional approval.